• Event: Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics and Social Media

    On December 5, 2013 in London, Unicom will present a Big Data conference focusing on marketing implications.

    The proliferation of computers, mobile devices, tablets and other data communication appliances and the rapid expansion of hosted sites, cloud computing and networked services have resulted in an incredible growth of data and information. Add to this the arrival of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – and businesses find themselves in the middle of a digital information explosion. Large volumes of unstructured data often contain information which is of great value to different industries.

    Today “data discovery” in general and real time analytics applied to large data flow volumes in particular, are considered essential in realising the value of information in a commercial setting. This has led to the concept of infonomics which is a compelling business driver of commerce in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) markets. This is exactly where Big Data is positioned. By unlocking the value of information using data mining and other appropriate analytics the organisations now need to understand Big Data in the Context of B2B and B2C Infonomics.

    You are cordially invited to attend the conference “Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics and Social Media” in London on Dec. 5, 2013.  Topics will include:

    • Finding insights in new and emerging types of data and content

    • Exploring and defining how traditional roles of B2B and B2C may vary when dealing with data assets

    • Creating business agility and new horizons

    • Taking the asset management approach

    • Turn big data into a competitive advantage

    For more information and to book your place please visit: http://conferences.unicom.co.uk/bigdatainfonomics/

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    Event: Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics and Social Media, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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