• EMC Launches Dozens of New Products and Features

    In an extravagant fanfare, EMC made what they call the largest announcement of innovative technology in the storage industry. The announcement was certainly broad with the announcement of over 40 new products, enhancements and features. The announcement touched all of the major storage platforms with the collapsing of the CLARiiON and Celerra into the VNX family, multiple enhancements to VMAX, the introduction of the Isilon product into the EMC portfolio, a refresh and expansion of the Data Domain line and the announcement of the Data Domain Archiver product. All of which provides plenty of material for future blog topics.

    However as I noted in and earlier the announcement which really caught my attention was the very aggressive position they have taken to capture significant market share at the low end of the SMB storage space. With a well architected product and a heavy commitment to the indirect channel I foresee the EMC VNXe product creating much heartburn for the marketers at Dell, NetApp, IBM and HP.

    For the enjoyment of those who like lists, see the announcement portfolio below.

    1) VNXe 3100               

    2) VNXe 3300               

    3) VNX 5100

    4) VNX 5300                    

    5) VNX 5500                 

    6) VNX 5700

    7) VNX 7500                    

    8 ) FAST Suite (VNX)    

    9) Security and Compliance Suite (VNX)

    10) Local Protection Suite (VNX)                            

    11) Remote Replication Suite(VNX)

    12) Application Protection Suite (VNX)           

    13) Total Protection Pack (VNX)

    14) Total Efficiency Pack (VNX)                             

    15) Total Value Pack (VNX)

    16) Data Domain Global Deduplication Array          

    17) Data Domain 890 System

    18) Data Domain 860 System                                 

    19) Data Domain Archiver System

    20) Data Domain Virtual Tape Library support for GDA

    21) i Series support for Data Domain                      

    22) FAST VP (VMAX)

    23) Federated Live Migration (VMAX)                  

    24) Enginuity Performance Optimization (VMAX)

    25) Native 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity (VMAX)

    26) Data @ Rest Encryption (VMAX)

    27) VMware VAAI Integration (VMAX)

    28) ControlCenter StorageScope Charge Back for FAST VP (VMAX)

    29) Virtual LUN v3 (VMAX)                              

    30) E-Licensing Management (VMAX)

    31) Thick to Thin In-Line Zero Space Reclaim (VMAX)

    32) Customer Self-Service Drive Replacements (VMAX)

    33) Customer Self-Service Health Check (VMAX)

    34) T10 UNMAP & WRITE SAME Standard Support (VMAX)

    35) TimeFinder Copy QoS (VMAX)

    36) TimeFinder Duplicate Snap (VMAX)

    37) Concurrent SRDF/A (VMAX)         

    38) Vault-to-Flash (VMAX)

    39) Automated Port Settings (VMAX)               

    40) Dynamic Back-End (VMAX)

    41) + numerous other new features released as part of the new Enginuity storage operating environment for VMAX

    On a lighter side the EMC team orchestrated an attempt at Guinness Book of Records World Record for how many people you can fit into a Mini-Cooper. With the official Guinness Book of Records adjudicator on stage we witnessed 26 young ladies with rather low body fat shoehorn themselves into the vehicle. In another “Record Breaker” extravaganza we watched via a video feed from Miami Bubba Blackwell (the successor to Evel Knievel) jump over a span of 40 Symmetrix VMAX’s or 8PB of virtualized storage on his Harley Davis SR750.

    Quite a bit of theater that has drawn some Grinch like remarks, but after the past few years of recession and general malaise what is wrong with a little bit of glamour and glitter?

    Source: StorageTopics blog, by Bill Mottram.

    Bill Mottram is a talented marketing and technology analyst with a unique insight and proven ability to transform innovative technology into profitable revenue streams.  His StorageTopics blog is a commentary on today’s storage industry, its issues, technology and general gossip.

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