• Are You a Smartphone Addict?

    About nine months ago, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and upgraded my standard cell phone to a smartphone. Yes, you read correctly, nine months ago. What can I say? I’m one of those laggards that Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, writes about.

    Now that I finally made the upgrade, I’ve got to admit that they are nice. Apparently, I am not alone. A lot of people — and I mean a lot — could be considered smartphone addicts, according to recent research from Arbitron/Edison Research.

    Here are some mobile stats that will get you thinking:

    • A whopping 91% of smartphone owners say their device is within arm’s length either always (60%) or most of the time (31%).
    • Smartphone owners represent half of the cell phone-owning population
    • Close to two-thirds of adults aged 18-34 age group own a smartphone
    • Time magazine study indicates that 65% of digital natives take their devices from room to room with them, with these consumers saying that smartphones are the first thing they reach for when they wake up and when they leave home.
    • Smartphones are also the first device digital natives will think of having close at hand when home, and the first they will turn to if they wake up in the middle of the night.

    If you are a BtoB marketer and you’ve been ignoring mobile up until now, we think it’s time to take a second look. According to BtoB magazine, 24% of marketers now use mobile marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, and that number is only expected to grow.

    If you are just getting your feet wet with mobile, here are a few tips to get started:

    1. Determine how extensive of a mobile web presence you want to have. A dedicated mobile site? Landing pages, etc.
    2. Evaluate the channels and decide what kind of content you need to create for your mobile users. SMS. MMS. Applications. Content. Email, etc. Of note: Forrester Research sees mobile devices and content marketing as two of the top three marketing trends to watch in 2012.
    3. Build an integrated strategy that includes apps, display ads and email. Nothing successful stands alone, and your mobile strategy shouldn’t either.
    4. Create multiple calls-to-action. Don’t assume your mobile audience wants to connect to you via a single connection point. Include multiple ways to connect in your promotions — from QR codes to text messages.
    5. Finally, don’t forget to measure! If you can successfully track prospect interaction with a mobile device, you can justify your mobile program. But if you can’t quantify the value your mobile program is delivering, it’s likely to go the way of the landline phone.

    Keep in mind that these tips just scratch the surface in everything you can do to market to mobile users. If you need more assistance, we are always happy to help.

    Star VanderHaar is Senior Account Executive at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go to Arketi Group blog site.

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