• How Windows 8 will Drive PC Sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are always hugely successful selling days for retailers but companies are always looking for ways to capitalize on the marketing momentum that high profile shopping days provide. Sometimes an increase in momentum comes from using social media to drive even more customers into your doors and away from the competition. Another momentum booster can be a great coupon campaign that hits a nerve with consumers and generates a lot of additional business by going viral.

    Cyber Monday Laptops Should Sell Well Thanks to Windows 8

    Not only can end sellers create innovative marketing campaigns to increase sales on high profile shopping days, manufacturers can make a huge difference as well. This can be done by introducing exciting new offerings that get people enthusiastically out of the house with wallet and purse in hand. Recently Microsoft launched Windows 8 and sold four million copies in just four days. This appears to be outselling what Windows 7 did in the same period of time. Lots of computer companies are expecting to move a lot of Cyber Monday laptop deals because of this new operating system update. If you are interested in finding Black Friday laptops click here.

    Why Is Windows 8 Such a Big Deal?

    The Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft is designed to run on both PCs and tablet computers. According to some enthusiasts and analysts, it heralds the biggest change to the industry’s dominant operating system in at least 17 years. With its touch-enabled interface, Windows 8 attempts to bridge the gap between personal computers and the fast-growing table market. One can only imagine the potential that a tough-enabled interface might have on a system that has in many ways, been somewhat stagnant in the exterior user experience.

    Windows 8 Is Radically Different

    Despite a struggling economy, Microsoft is betting on their newest version to make a splash because it represents something that is radically different from the norm. In the past, when a ground breaking new design is introduced into a market that is breathtaking different and changes the user experience, it is not uncommon for the entire user base of previous version of the product offering to upgrade en mass. When this happens, there is often a dynamic sales upturn that can sometimes jumpstart a sagging industry.

    Although some analysts are skeptical that a product innovation can actually turn around low sales from an economic down turn, Microsoft is cautiously optimistic. While the powerful marketing behind Cyber Monday and Black Friday should increase sales for laptop and PC sales, merchants are hoping for an additional shot in the arm from the release of Windows 8.

    Do you plan on purchasing a new Windows 8 laptop?

    Brian Jensen works for Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family.

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