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    Editor’s Note: Google recently updated its core algorithm that controls answers to queries on its search engine in a bid to make them work better for longer, more complex questions.  The update, code-named Hummingbird, is the biggest change to the underpinnings of the world’s leading search engine since early 2010.

    Hummingbird, a brand new algorithm by Google was launched on 30 August 2013. In general, Google uses an algorithm to go through websites and return apt answers to queries made by users. You can also call it a magic spell as it blends various elements to give the desired result. This post will help you understand the concept of Hummingbird and how this change made by Google will affect bloggers.

    Not the Same Algorithm!

    As we all know, Google designs and implements brand new algorithms like Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird to improve their process and give quality search results. Even though Penguin and Panda has caused considerable changes for bloggers and website owners, Google ensures that Hummingbird may be one of the best and biggest algorithms ever to be designed since 2000.

    One of the best ways to explain this concept is to compare Google Hummingbird with a car engine. Even though an old car engine may perform well, it will not provide the desired result like a new engine. The old engine can be referred to that of the old algorithm and the new engine as the Hummingbird. Comparing these terms, you will clearly get an idea of what Hummingbird is all about.

    Those who are not aware of the changes that Google penguin and panda search algorithms had will be pleased to know that these two methods are still being used as a part of Hummingbird. The Hummingbird algorithm makes use of the parts of the old algorithms that work well and has replaced the ones those are not effective. Google assures that the new algorithm provides fruitful results and is compatible with the demanding requirements of users.

    Date of Launch

    Google launched Hummingbird late August, but many were not aware of this until early October.

    Hummingbird and its purpose

    One of the main reasons why Google designed Hummingbird is to deal with ‘long tail’ keywords given in search queries. Such types of queries are being used in almost all the places today. People use mobile phones that come with voice activation technology and Google has to do something to sort this issue. The algorithm designed by Google can efficiently handle conversation-like queries given by users when they search for an item. Even though this method is still in the development stage, it is believed that Google will be able to handle such queries in the future with geographical relevance to the location of the user.

    Hummingbird and its Benefits

    One of the best aspects of Hummingbird is its ability to deal with conversation type search engine queries. As many people are using internet on mobile phones these days, they just speak search queries instead of typing them. Hummingbird filters out the result based on the meaning of the search words and links the pages that are apt for the query. Instead of matching words, the algorithm matches pages according to the meaning of the words. Hummingbird takes into consideration all the keywords and not a single keyword thereby it is able to produce timely and accurate results.

    SEO Changes

    The introduction of new algorithms normally creates a state of panic among content writers and website owners. But reports show that there is not much of a change happening and bloggers need not worry about it. The methods and formulas followed by Google in implementing new algorithms have always been the same. When creating content for your blog, do keep an eye on social signals as they also play a vital role. The blogs that you create must be interesting and informative as only then you will be able to lure in visitors. The visitors in turn will share your blogs with their friends via social media thereby increasing traffic to your site.

    Important points that bloggers must not ignore

    Bloggers must keep in mind the changes made by Google and its algorithm and design sites that will be compatible with the changes. If you want to lure in customers, you must understand what they require and you must give them the required content. It will give you a better chance of standing out from the crowd thereby helping your site appear in top results in all the search engine queries. Even though Google signals play a vital role in this matter, creating an in-depth and interesting content on a particular subject will help you stand on top as the best blogger.


    Even though many content writers and bloggers are scared about new algorithms, they should actually accept the changes. This is mainly because the changes made by the algorithms will remove spams thereby helping your readers get quality content when searching for a particular item. As a blogger, we must embrace the future and give good and interesting content that will satisfy both the readers and Hummingbird.

    Ramya Raju is a freelance web design writer with eight years of extensive blogging experience on a variety of online publishing and social-media platforms. Contact Ramya at ramyaraju896@gmail.com or go to http://www.colorcharacter.com/uk/services.

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