• ISVs are Rock Stars of the Salesforce Channel

    When Denzil Samuels, salesforce.com’s new Channel Chief, asked how many people in the partner keynote session were developing apps using the company’s Force.com platform, about 75% of the audience’s hands shot up. This response reflects the very development-centric make-up of the SaaS leader’s current channel ecosystem. And, with stats like 97% growth of software OEM partners, 90% increase in ISV revenues and 210% increase in the number of ISV orders, it’s hard to argue this ongoing developer focus.

    Perhaps the most impressive stat for ISV’s at this year’s show is a 51% increase in installs from applications posted on the AppExchange.

    AppExchange Touted as “the largest enterprise cloud marketplace”, the company has given themselves a big goal of over one million AppExchange installs by the end of the year. There are now over 100,000 corporate clients deploying some portion of the Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud platforms that are targets for this growing set of SaaS applications.

    Ron Huddleston, SVP of ISV Alliances, also touted a 433% increase in hiring within the ISV management team to provide additional architectural and sales support to their growing ISV community.

    But the real rocks stars of this partnering keynote session were the product guys — Byron Sebastian, SVP of the Platform (which includes Force.com, Database.com and Heroku) and Andrew Smith, Director of Product Management for the Force.com platform. The big announcements from these two, which again catered to the developers in the audience, were Trialforce, a fully partner-branded and easily customized way to let ISVs offer trials of their applications, and an enhanced support tool that allows ISVs to let their customers grant them debugging rights live within the application.

    Make no mistake about it – salesforce.com has the DNA of an innovative software development team and a direct sales machine. Their ISVs ecosystem is the tip of the arrow used to penetrate new customers. Without having a broad set of feature-rich and industry-relevant applications, salesforce.com will remain a CRM SaaS company.

    There’s a distinct need for better cross- pollination of the company’s ISV and consulting partner segments in order to build the services capacity to customize and integrate these applications. That partner collaboration effort will take significant investment and remains a challenge for this partner management team.

    Beth Vanni, Vice President of Amazon Consulting, brings over 25 years of experience in technology sales and marketing to Amazon Consulting, with a specialty focus on partnering strategies and supporting operational plans. Beth has led groups in Marketing, Market Development, Business Development and Sales Operations, responsible for the functional areas of marketing communications, product marketing, program development and administration, promotional & incentive plan development, alliance management and worldwide sales operations.

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