• How IT Pros Buy Cloud Servers

    What drives the buying habits of IT pros?  With all that cloud servers have to offer, the future looks bright for SMBs.  And for those who are aiming to cut down on capital expenditures while scaling and adding new capabilities, the future looks even brighter.  Cloud server providers who have a solid grasp on what buyers want are also basking in the warmth.  In this report, Spiceworks takes a close look at product research behaviors to better understand what drives purchase decisions for IT pros.

    Take a peek into the minds of cloud buyers.

    73% of IT pros recently surveyed already use cloud servers, are planning to use cloud servers within the year, or are actively investigating cloud servers as an alternative to on-premise servers. However, one cloud server looks much like another for many IT pros, so how can cloud server providers stand out from the pack? Additionally, what exactly are IT pros looking for in a cloud server provider?

    Not all cloud buyers are created equal.

    IT pros are all looking for the best solution money can buy, so how do they settle on a winning product? Spiceworks grouped cloud buyers into five different categories based on the things they care most about. Our buyer profiles will help you get a clearer picture of who your potential buyers are.

    What really matters when buying cloud servers?

    We asked IT pros to rank the factors they take into account when selecting a vendor for cloud servers. Data security and vendor support are among the most important factors IT pros.

    Cloud buyers are on the hunt.

    Our research shows that IT pros in Spiceworks consult a wide range of resources before making a buying decision. Most of them rely on a combo of vendor and partner content.

    Opportunity is on the horizon…

    As a cloud server provider, you have a great opportunity to expand your market share. Review the cloud buyer profiles we shared with you, and ask: Which buyers are you hoping to attract? Which buyers best match your strengths? And which buyers aren’t fully covered by your strategies and tactics?

    Like to read the full report?  Check it out on Spiceworks.

    In 2006, Jay Hallberg co-founded Spiceworks, the largest and fastest-growing social network for IT. Dubbed “The Facebook of IT” by TechCrunch, Spiceworks is used by 2 million SMB IT professionals and is transforming how $1 trillion worth of technology products and services is managed, marketed and sold each year.

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