Registration Benefits and Incentive

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    $25 BONUS!  You will receive a US$25 award if you are the FIRST of at least five(5) marketing professionals from your company to become members, so register now and invite your colleagues to join!



    1. Bonus is open to bona fide marketing professionals employed by B2B computer technology manufacturers and publishers; marketing services providers and non-IT employees are not eligible.
    2. All registrants must use their business email address and have a marketing-related title.
    3. Registrants are tracked by date and matching email extensions; when five(5) qualified members have the same business email extension, the award is paid to the first person to register.
    4. Payments will be made via PayPal, check or debit card within 30 days of qualifying.
    5. Program ends on March 31, 2011; all qualifying members must be registered by this date.

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