Job: Field Marketing Operations Manager

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    Title Field Marketing Operations Manager
    Categories Field Marketing
    Location Redmond, WA, USA
    Job Information


    Job Description:
    The fastest growing technology in the world today is Mobile Phones. Putting the power of a PC in the palm of your hand anywhere you happen to be and creating amazing experiences that cross over to the PC, TV.
    With growth in the smartphone market forecast to grow more than 26% over the next 4 years this is also one of the most competitive industries on the planet.
    With more than 2 million Windows Phone 7 devices shipped last quarter, and about 93 percent of buyers are satisfied or very satisfied with the platform, The WP7 platform is uniquely positioned to leverage Microsoft strongest software brands, powerful services that are unparalleled in the mobile business.
    To continue and grow this momentum we need your help as a WW Field Marketing Operations Manager.
    This is a challenging job as it requires the combined ability to create and inspire while also driving organization and structure to manage the communication flow with a very diverse set of audiences: C&O; Communication Sector, Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE); Electronic Program Guides (EPG); OEM; WW Release Services Manager (WWRSM); Sales, Marketing, Services Group (SMSG); Mobile Communications Business (MCB) both here in Redmond and around the world.
    As WW Field Marketing Operations Manager, you will interface with the Business Group (BG) Leads and their direct reports in each of Microsoft’s subsidies, with regional BG Leads, and with BG “role owners” in Microsoft’s commercial business groups (Windows Consumer, Windows Live, MSN, Bing, Zune, Xbox, Mediaroom, and Microsoft Online Services) and functional teams, such as the Central Marketing Group at corporate, to define structure, communications cadence, and impact (back to Redmond) of the BG role communities. A high degree of focus will be on the BG Lead community. You will own and drive the community development approach and process that advances BG organizational capability and marketing readiness–and holds HQ accountable to our communities to deliver consumer marketing best practices, training and readiness offerings, people-development forums, on-boarding programs, and community initiatives.
    1. Marketing Planning
    •Create process and frameworks to deliver Field Marketing Planning Milestones
    •Align key executives and presenters to cement progress and create connection/dialog with BG Leads and enhance their Redmond network of exec contacts. Must also align BG Lead communications/event cadence with key ROB milestones: mid-year reviews, START, Priorities Sharing Meeting (PRISM), Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX).
    •Drive the meetings and BG Summits that drive forward action and change around BG Key Initiatives.
    •Drive delivery of Field Marketing Playbooks
    •Support Development of the SMSG/MCB Scorecards
    •Support target setting with Field Marketing (Breakthrough & Leadership Markets)
    2. Communication
    •Drive clear, predictable communication between MCB & Field Marketing in Breakthrough & Leadership Markets including BG Community Calls.
    •Build collaboration framework and integrate communications strategy with CS and OEM communications cadence to assure common message to BG Leads.
    •Drive Field Sales ROB via the Phone SharePoint/Launchwave
    •Field escalation management for Breakthrough & Leadership Markets
    •Work with “role owners” who sit in MCB Corp to facilitate and integrate community activities into the overall BG Lead Community cadence.
    3. Execution
    •Drive and Simplify Marketing Field Operations through process and frameworks
    •Support BG summits deliverables include agenda and content framework that acts as fulcrum for progress and decisions.
    •Manage process to improve the quality of the BOM (that defines the Strategy, Assets and Content provided to the field)
    •Manage new BG Lead on-boarding program. Deliver basic BG organization new hire on-boarding for use at corporate HQ and in C&O subsidiaries.
    4. Managing and Monitoring the Field
    •Hold field accountable to deliver summarization of trends and recommendations
    •Drive launch analysis – Breadth Launch scorecard
    •Land BG best practice sharing program; include vehicle for engaging BG Leads and Marcom Leads from similar subsidiaries/areas to use best practices to optimize marketing performance against the scorecard within a given “cluster” of like subs/areas.
    •Develop clear process for selection of “top” best practices for each cluster, “circulating and landing” the best practice approach and creative assets, as well as devise incentives for program participation.
    Position Requirements:
    •The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent.
    •Minimum of 8 years of functional experience in marketing or communications that has included field-related efforts.
    •A working knowledge of Microsoft is highly preferred.
    •Demonstrated ability both to lead and work collaboratively within virtual teams.
    •Experience in executive-level communications
    •Exceptional oral and written communications skills and examples of high-quality written communications that were developed under tight timelines.
    •A history of success with working under pressure and managing multiple projects simultaneously.
    •A proven track record in project management, meeting objectives and leading cross functional teams.
    •A history of success with producing results in a fast paced, ambiguous environment as well as demonstrating strong project, budget and vendor management skills, problem solving ability, and attention to detail.
    The position is located in Redmond, Washington, USA.

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    Company Microsoft

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