• Use Misdirection To Bypass Phone Screeners!

    It has almost become a cliche for a magician to come on stage and hold up his hands and say, “as you can see there is nothing up my sleeves”!

    Normally they will then direct your attention away to their beautiful assistant who will strut onto the stage and take a bow.  The entire audience’s attention has now been misdirected away from the magician who relies on this to prepare for the prestidigitation.   This magical technique can also work wonders for IT marketing. The question is how can you successfully add misdirection to your IT appointment setting arsenal?

    What’s The Purpose Of This Call?

    A phone screener is the employee that is designated to answer a company’s business phone line professionally so they have a great first impression on new prospects.  Of course vendors are also try to get through to the decision makers and it falls to the screener to try and block these calls.  Therefore computer businesses, as vendors trying to get through to contacts, must try to get past these phone screeners.

    Now they are normally prepared to ask a few questions to try and determine if the call is a legitimate prospect or a sales call.  The key is to try to use misdirection to confuse the phone screener so they forget all about their prepared questions and then they have no way to distinguish between you as a vendor or a sales prospect.

    Nothing Up My Sleeve…

    There are several ways to confuse a phone screener and knock them off script. One of the most successfully ways to misdirect them is with compliments.  You have to realize that most of these people are sitting there all day taking calls for other people.  In other words no one ever calls for them.  They are simply a carpet that gets walked over all day.

    You could assume that they are the one that is the decision maker instead of asking for someone else.  They will be so misdirected thinking that finally someone believes they are important that they will normally forget all about screening your call.  Of course this is just one technique to misdirect gatekeepers. For more check out this site that offers tips for IT telemarketing.

    John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers. His experience ranges from writing articles, blogging, telemarketing, sales coaching and speaking at events.

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