• 3 Keys to Successful Co-Marketing with Alliance Partners

    Successful co-marketing goes beyond marketing and channel support, requiring a program of full participation and commitment from all parties. For a co-marketing campaign to be effective, each partner must contribute to the relationship in a different but complementary way.How can alliance partners build a successful co-marketing campaign? A white paper published by TSL Technology Marketing, “Marketing Through Partners in the ICT Sector,” sheds light on three keys to successful co-marketing.

    1. Overcoming obstacles: One of the major challenges of establishing a successful co-marketing program involves finding the right alliance partners.  Many of the most successful co-marketing campaigns occur naturally as the two or more partners decide to initiate a new campaign based on complementary needs.  The key to establishing a successful co-working relationship often involves overcoming a series of obstacles.  Common obstacles that need to be overcome to establish a successful co-marketing campaign include lack of investment in time and money, inexperience and lack of organization on behalf of either partner, poor planning and execution, misalignment with partner messages, not using available tools or resources, overly complex messaging between personnel and partners, lack of lead nurturing, larger partners overwhelming smaller partners, and a lack of formalized sales process training.

    2. Using Third Party Agencies: Navigating a co-marketing  can be very challenging for alliance partners who have never designed or implemented a co-marketing campaign. An experienced third party agency can provide significant support in these areas. Finding a third party agency with experience in cultivating relationships between multiple stakeholders can result in numerous benefits. These include improved marketing efforts through CRM integration, provision of service level agreements, increased marketing support for smaller partners, recruitment and training of sales personnel, lead generation, and customer loyalty cultivation through such activities as surveys and “drip marketing.”

    3. Instilling Accountability: The third major key to cultivating a successful co-marketing campaign involves establishing a system of accountability and communication. All parties involved should have a very clear idea of partner expectations, task lists, and timelines. Accountability can be instilled from the start of the co-marketing relationship by initiating an advance marketing workshop that lays out the blueprint for the campaign and achieves consensus from all parties involved. The workshop should discuss specific marketing tactics and mediums, determine the engagement model between alliance partners, establish alignment between marketing messages, and develop targeting messaging and communications.

    By initiating a co-marketing campaign on the grounds of consensus and collaboration, alliance partners are laying the groundwork to a successful and sustainable co-marketing relationship.

    “Marketing Through Partners in the ICT Sector” (White Paper), TSL Technology Marketing.

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