• Why Your Followers Have Stopped Following

    Using social media for business is as much about relationship building as it is marketing and branding. As marketing and public relations professionals, we do our best to “woo” new Twitter followers and keep that spark going with our current ones. But, like any interpersonal relationship, there are highs and lows, beginnings and ends.

    Why do consumers fall out of love with your brand on Twitter?

    According to The Social Break-Up report by Exact Target and cotweet:

    • 52% leave because…
      • Content became repetitive or boring
    • 41% leave because…
      • Twitter stream became too crowded with marketing posts
    • 39% leave because…
      • Company posted too frequently
    • 27% leave because…
      • Company didn’t offer enough deals
    • 21% leave because…
      • Tweets were too promotional

    Don’t take it personally. According to this report, nearly half of all consumers who created a Twitter account no longer use Twitter. They aren’t just breaking up with brands, some are leaving Twitter altogether.

    So, how do you get back that loving feeling? Don’t use Twitter, or any other social media platform, as an online billboard for your company. Take the time to monitor what your followers or people on Twitter in general are saying about your company. Listening to consumers or brand enthusiasts online creates the opportunity to try new tactics that might send former followers running back into your brand’s arms!

    What are some other methods your company has used to engage or re-engage your followers?

    Meredith Mobley is the creator of Write Ambition, a place for public relations and media 2.0 professionals to gather resources and engage in conversation on all things PR, social media and communications!

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