• Why Blogging is your SEO and Content Marketing Friend

    If your business isn’t blogging, you need to start… today! Blogging is beneficial for a number of reasons, including that it helps you:

    • Establish thought leadership
    • Build a rich content library
    • Drive website traffic and leads
    • Supercharge your SEO efforts

    To ensure that you’re reaping these benefits, make your blogging efforts more successful by following these five tips:

    Define your blogging goals: This is the first step if you’re just getting started with a blog. Or if you’ve been blogging for a while and haven’t defined your goals, you need to take a step back and determine your organization’s primary purpose for blogging. Is it to generate leads? Raise brand awareness? Produce more content? By setting your main goal(s) from the beginning, you’ll have a baseline for measuring success.

    Keep an editorial calendar: Planning your posts in advance will help make the process easier to manage – and ensure your updates are regular. Go for quality over quantity, and make sure you set realistic expectations for how often you can post. If possible, try to involve multiple bloggers to manage the workload and if so, make sure everyone has access to the calendar.

    Optimize posts for SEO: Conduct keyword research and use keyword-rich titles and tags to optimize your blog posts for SEO. If you’re running a pay-per-click campaign for your organization, use performance information to your advantage. Don’t waste time reinventing and rewriting – reuse what you already know works well for PPC when optimizing your blog content.

    Share via social media: You want to make it easy for readers to share your post by including social share buttons. To make it the easiest, include them at both the top and bottom of the post. You should also cross promote your blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites to drive traffic. Just keep your update/tweet short to pique interest and tease them to check out the full article on your blog.

    Use analytics for insight: Assuming you’ve installed analytics on your site (and you should!), dig into the information to look at what content is getting the most views. Determine which types of posts drive the most traffic, and use this to your advantage when generating ideas for new posts. Lists always tend to perform well and consider ongoing, regular features that keep your audience coming back for more.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list of how you can make blogging work for your business, but it’s certainly a start. What other tips and tricks do you have for running a successful blog? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or connect with us on Twitter using @arketi.

    Ashley Biondich is Account Coordinator at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go toArketi Group blog site.

    - See more at: http://arketi.com/blog/archives/5677#sthash.DVTxTIyr.dpuf

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