• Tweeter’s Block? Keep your Social Media Content Fresh and Relevant

    It’s no secret that social media has emerged as an efficient outlet for businesses to relay messages to their desired audiences. As a result, most businesses have one, if not more, Twitter pages. It is one thing to have a Twitter page – it is another to know how to properly use it.

    Take a quick search on Twitter, and you’re bound to find some notable companies whose Twitter pages are dormant. Maybe they simply have a Twitter page because everyone else does and are unsure of exactly what content to Tweet about. Businesses with inactive Twitter pages are missing out on easy-to-execute opportunities to promote their brand and reach out to vital audiences.

    Today, more and more PR professionals are being asked to draft tweets for their businesses or clients. It can become a challenge to come up with new and interesting information that will capture the eyes of Twitter followers. So the next time you’re battling “Tweeters block”, consider these options to maintain a steady content flow.

    What’s in Your News?

    Are you about to make a major announcement? Set to speak or attend a major conference? A primary reason businesses use Twitter is to promote important news. As you post releases to your websites, make sure you Tweet the news and link to the announcement. Some companies even use Twitter to tease upcoming announcements and appearances to generate some pre-event buzz. For instance, if followers read that a “major announcement is coming at noon tomorrow” or a VP is speaking at an upcoming industry event, they will be more likely to check back again for updated information. Make your followers take action to learn more.

    What’s in Your Customers’ News?

    Twitter-savvy businesses should already be following the pages of their key customers. If a customer makes a big announcement or wins an award, you can tweet about the honor as well. Throwing congratulations to your customers not only boosts your content flow, but can score you some big points with those who fuel your business.

    What’s Going on in Your Industry?

    Keep tabs on what’s being said by the top journalists, analysts and bloggers in your industry. If you find an interesting article with business news or tips relevant to your followers, tweet a link to the story and offer some background on why it’s interesting. Posting insightful industry articles can help your position as a thought leader.

    What Can we Do to Gauge our Followers’ Interest?

    You’ve likely seen tweets that offer special promotions for followers who use a special code or visit a place at a certain time. Such interactive, tweets are an effective way (if used occasionally) to measure just how many people are actually reading your content and are willing to take action.

    What Should we Not Tweet?

    While some companies are struggling for content, others are guilty of Tweeting too much and/or blurring the line between business and personal messaging.  A company Twitter page should be for business-related messaging and news only. Save the “What a Beautiful Day”, “My Lunch was Great” and “Great Episode of American Idol last night” Tweets for your personal page. With countless Twitter pages updated each day, you are competing for viewer eyes.

    Every business is different and might have differing game plans for social media goals. However, creating smart, relevant Tweets from a variety of sources can help boost your visibility and foster cost-effective interaction with crucial followers.

    Jamie Cwalinski is an Account Coordinator at Arketi Group.

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