• Empower Your IT Team with Help Desk Software

    Every IT team can benefit greatly from a Help Desk Software solution. These solutions give end users an easy access ticketing system that sends requests for help to the IT team. They are then able to track, organize and plan effective resolutions to the tickets. Help Desk Software also enables users and the team to track conversations over time enabling them to pick up and resolve an issue even after losing connection. Learn more about Help Desk Software at KACE.com

    What Can it Do For You?

    Help Desk Software Often Includes a Pre-Integrated Solution.  Many help desk software providers offer solutions that enable IT professionals to address incidents from a single user interface (UI). Within an integrated solution, IT professionals will have access to computer inventory, asset management, patch management, configuration, remote administration and reporting.

    From a single interface, IT professionals can address problems with inventory management or address configuration management issues. Every transaction is tracked and can be recalled for future use. Information is most commonly used for compliance auditing purposes and ticketing.

    A Policy-Based Workflow Can Also Be Included.  Help desk software often includes features that manage ticket flow within an organization. Tickets are managed based upon incident type, process type or how time sensitive the problem is. Software helps to manage the flow and identify the type to provide a better level of service. To further enhance the customer experience, ticket assignments can be automated by sending users to tutorials or a troubleshooting page’s that can help users resolve simple common problems. This approach saves time and money. In addition to those features, they offer escalation alerts that flag high priority issues. It also enables higher priority teams’ tickets to be managed first.

    Customization Allows for Better Customer Satisfaction.  Though there are some best practices in the industry, every company has a different way of resolving issues. Customization allows IT professionals to tailor interactions with people to meet company’s standards. The best help desk software helps companies establish defaults, escalation rules, change fields and field values and modify workflow rules. Customization also allows selection of incident listing formats.

    Help Desk Software Can Be Migrated Seamlessly.  The best help desk software offers seamless migration into organizations with existing solutions. Make sure to select a solution that can be automated to save time and money. Manual migrations are tedious, time-consuming and costly. Avoid exorbitant costs associated with the migration of help desk software and select software that helps you save time and money.

    With Web-Based Help Desk Software, IT Can be More Efficient.  Web-based help desk software offers IT professionals more flexibility and mobility. Many companies use web-based software to prepare for disaster. If disaster strikes, employees can move to another location with computers and an Internet connection and resume interactions with customers. Disaster preparedness is easier with web-based software.

    Help Desk Software Can Keep IT Staff at a Minimum

    The software can automate many of the processes that IT professionals have to do on a regular basis. This will help keep teams at an optimum level. Choosing the right system enables teams to prioritize and solve IT problems quickly. Learn more here.

    David Malmborg works with Dell KACE. He is interested in all things related to IT. Outside of work he enjoys reading, hiking and writing about technology.

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