• 3 Sales Enablement “Must-Dos” for Maximum Impact

    The Forrester Technology Sales Enablement Forum was everything Forrester said it would be: a true “meeting of the minds” for sales, marketing, and product managers who know it’s time to take their seller enablement to the next level.Once we all got done talking about process and strategy and technology platforms for sales enablement, the conversations always led to content: we have lots of content, but we don’t know what to do with it? When should it be delivered…and when…and in what form?

    In my content-centric head I developed three “must-do” sales enablement activities for IT vendors to jump on this quarter, in order to make immediate impact on the organization:

    1. Be honest about what you have. There was lots of talk about guides, papers, and portals: what they were supposed to do, and why they’re not working. In the end, it was clear that much of what we provide salespeople was created because “someone said they needed it at some point in time.” Now’s the time to assess and reset based on a more strategic approach to creating content.
    2. Align your assets around the conversation. Without getting too hung up with sales process or methodology, most sale cycles follow a predictable path: they look; they touch; they think; they buy. That’s where Forrester’s outcome selling model comes in handy; we need to be focusing on helping customers achieve their desired outcome. Your salesperson should be there to say all the right things to get them to the next step.
    3. Create a real sales playbook. I heard it multiple times over the two-day session: “My sellers don’t know how to position my product.” And while that could be a messaging and positioning challenge, it could also be a sales process problem: sellers simply don’t know how to progress an opportunity from discovery to purchase. A sales playbook helps sellers understand what to DO and what to SAY at every stage of the sale. Like many of our clients, you may have battle cards and sales guides that address specific selling hurdles, like qualifying questions and handling objections. But have you truly shown your salesperson a best-practice approach to progressing your opportunity to purchase? That seemed to be the big question for Forrester attendees who came through our booth looking for content strategy and alignment help.

    When the dust settled and we all jetted away from San Francisco, I definitely saw new life breathed into the hearts and souls of my sales enablement peers.

    Eric Nitschke is VP of Client Services and Managing Director at Launch International.  Eric uses his experience at Launch International to deliver a best-practices approach to client management, sales enablement, thought leadership, whiteboarding and channel development and enablement.  To read all blogs published by Launch International click here.

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    3 Sales Enablement "Must-Dos” for Maximum Impact, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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