• How is Your Web Host Affecting Your Content Marketing?

    Your website is full of excellent content with visually appealing graphics and great videos. You’ve spent a ton of time building authority, establishing qualified links, pouring over Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing methods and you still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for — is your web hosting service holding you back?

    Similar to cell phone providers, while they may all look the same from the outside, some of them don’t provide the same speed, accessibility and services as their competitors. Dropped calls, bad connections, and a lack of availability can happen when using some of these carriers.

    The same is true for web hosting companies, slow page loads, poor security measures and a variety of other problems could be causing your web visitors to look elsewhere. Here are some important questions that you need to be asking yourself and your website hosting service:

    What about speed?

    According to a recent study by Google, 400 milliseconds, or the amount of time it takes to blink an eye, is just “too long” for some web visitors to wait for a page to load online. Google and other search engine algorithms place a great deal of emphasis on how fast a site will load. So if your host isn’t providing enough bandwidth for your website, you’ll get spanked in their ratings.

    Your host may not be entirely to blame. If you overload their servers with poorly coded and unoptimized scripts, the amount of bandwidth they have might not even matter. For example, if a number of poorly written scripts don’t automatically disconnect themselves from the server when they have accomplished their task, these open connections can pile up and bog down overall performance.

    How secure are their servers?

    Almost everyone worries about security nowadays with all the hackers and identity thieves lurking around online and preying on unprotected internet users. While you can add a security certification to your website to ease visitor’s fears, this doesn’t guarantee your host has an effective firewall in place. Hosting behind an effective hardware firewall usually costs more, but it is important to ensure that your website is protected — better to be safe, than sorry.

    What about downtime?

    Servers unexpectedly crashing, time spent on valuable updates and upgrades are a part of life, but an inordinate amount of them can also hurt your rankings. Look at your provider’s site uptime guarantees to ensure these aren’t taking up too much of your valuable web time.

    Are backups happening regularly?

    The expression “more forward by backing up” comes to mind when considering how important this valuable step in data management is for your website. Ask whether or not your host is backing up your site and how often they are doing so. They should either provide you with a way to backup your data or automatically provide this service for you.

    Ask all the important questions and given the right answers, your website will be fast, active, safe and secure. Having all the right tools in place will get more traffic to your website; it always helps to use the right tools for the right job.

    Hilary Smith hails from Austin, TX, but now works her magic in Chicago, IL. She is a technology enthusiast who loves social media. Connect with her on Google+.

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