• A Few Lead Nurture New Years Resolutions

    Now that we’ve all recovered from the tryptophan daze and before things formally shut down for the end of year holiday, now might be a good time to make (and maybe actually start on) a few New Year’s resolutions related to optimizing lead nurturing efforts.  Here, in no particular order – since all are critical components – are five things for consideration:

    1. Get your data house in order.  Before those first New Year campaigns launch, this is a great time to review and make plans to ensure the integrity of your database.  Take the time to purge old prospects, work on segmentation needs and make sure you have the processes in place to make sure your data is clean, accurate, and current.
    2. Review your metrics.  Look back over the past year to be sure you’re measuring what matters (hint: that means what your CEO believes is important).  Automation tools allow us to easily get caught in the analysis paralysis trap. Make it a point to identify a few metrics that count.
    3. Reevaluate lead valuation and sales handover points. One thing that almost always happens after lead nurturing efforts are in place for a period of time is that what we thought we knew about prospect behavior (and what makes some prospects more important than others) turns out to be wrong.  Not to worry; that’s part of the value of marketing automation.  But stopping to reevaluate prospect value by matching behavior against actual purchase history can help you make the adjustments needed to keep your sales team supportive and keep your efforts on track.
    4. Take a deep look at your content strategy.  Embracing content marketing is more than simply deciding on the topic for the next whitepaper.  Developing a plan that maximizes content development resources to match prospect pain points, consumption preferences and buy cycle stages will place you in a better position to run effective nurture campaigns through the coming year.  By the way, this is also a good time to consider re-evaluating your core message and value proposition to make sure it resonates with your market and differentiates you from competitors.
    5. Put in place a regular health check.  By developing the discipline to evaluate performance on a regular basis, using established and agreed upon metrics, you can avid random challenges and ensure your program stays on track.  This is a good time to establish the criteria and process for that review.
    Are there any lead nurture efforts that you think deserve a spot in the top five? Share your thoughts in the comment box or send us an email.

    Micky Long is Vice President at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go to Arketi Group blog site.

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    A Few Lead Nurture New Years Resolutions , 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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