• Why Do So Few Small Companies Outsource B2B Content Creation?

    This Insourcing vs. Outsourcing chart from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends left me confused, and a little concerned about the future state of content marketing from small companies.

    Two-thirds of the small companies polled only create B2B content in-house; meaning they never outsource content creation. Is this due to budget constraints? Or is there a fear that they would lose their brand’s voice? If you’re a tech marketer at a small company, neither of these reasons should stop you from outsourcing content creation.

    My team is a massive group of four. Each of us has our strengths: copy writing, analytics, graphic design, strategy, social media, etc. But by no means do we have every skill needed to create a vast amount of effective content, let alone the time to generate enough content for CreateYourNextCustomer.com.

    We rarely outsource an entire content piece; instead we work very closely with our freelancers. For example, when working on a white paper, a detailed outline with main points and stats is provided to one of our freelancers, and then he or she helps us craft the story. This ensures the topic and content is relevant for our audience, while helping us manage the amount of time we spend on a piece of content. This type of outsourcing is relatively inexpensive because we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting by providing the framework for the content piece.

    If you need more than a single white paper and you’re strapped for time and/or resources to create enough content, there’s a simple solution. Outsource a piece of content that can be used to create multiple assets. For example, a research report can be used to create infographics, slideshows, blog posts, videos and more. Let someone else do the hard work and arm your team with data that they can use to create content over a longer span of time.

    It’s important that small companies have their voice in the market, and outsourcing – when done strategically – will allow time-strapped, resource-short teams to produce great content, without the giant price tag.

    Need help with your content marketing? Let our team of experts work with your company to develop a professional content strategy and plan that helps amplify your marketing efforts, cement credibility, create preference and generate demand. Check out our content marketing services.

    Monique Luttrell is the Director of Marketing for UBM Tech’s Business Technology Media Group, and is responsible for brand and product strategy, lead generation and managing strategic direct marketing and media partnerships. She is a regular contributor toCreateYourNextCustomer.com, an online resource for tech marketing best practices insights and advice – and now UBM Tech’s overarching marketing communications platform.

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