• Social Media Contests – 4 Popular Models

    One of the most effective ways to engage with fans and followers on social media channels is with interactive contests, games and promotions.  In fact I saw this potential first hand as a co-founder of fan marketing platform Offerpop.  In this series we’ll take a look at 4 of the most popular contest models, and how they can be deployed on both Twitter and Facebook to not only create engagement, but also generate word of mouth so you can reach new audiences.  Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular models:

    Depending on your business goals (attract fans vs. provide fan benefits), different models may make sense.   For example, sweepstakes are great for building awareness and growing followers, while quizzes and polls provide a simple way to entertain and engage with an existing audience.

    Also, while Twitter is more of an open environment with less restrictions when it comes to running contests, Facebook has set rules that brands must follow (there’s actually a set of promotions guidelines that Facebook has published and periodically updates).  One of these rules is that you need to build and manage your promotion using a third party tool or promotion builder, like Offerpop, Wildfire, or Buddy Media.  Check out our discussion to learn more – and in the next segments we’ll dig into each of the specific contest models and explore some successful campaigns and approaches.

    Allen Bonde is the CMO of The Pulse Network and can be found on Twitter or email, abonde@thepulsenetwork.com.

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