• Put Out Fires With An Online Crisis Plan

    Although fire drills may seem more distracting and counterproductive than helpful,  organizations may need to apply the concept of fire drills to their social media and online plans. You may not ever need to implement the fire drill procedure, but it’s better to have an online crisis communication plan in place.

    Through social media, a single comment, video, or even tweet can spread like wildfire. Without timely and relevant responses, distrust and negative sentiment for your brand can quickly develop. Still not convinced? Check out these two examples on United Breaks Guitars and Motrin Moms to see how fast negative comments can escalate out of a brand’s control.

    Based on a PRSA Technology Special Interest Group presentation by Sarah Evans, there are three main steps to creating an online crisis communication plan.

    1.       Goal-setting
    Talk with your executives to develop a reasonable and measurable goal of the program. Is it to change online sentiment, show transparency, or minimize negative repercussions? Writing out this the goal of the online crisis communication plan also helps to ensure you and your executives are on the same page. Be sure to keep the fundamentals of crisis preparation in mind and don’t assume you won’t use an online platform. Just because your brand isn’t on an online platform doesn’t mean people won’t be talking about your brand online. So be sure to secure your brand’s username, Twitter handle or YouTube channel before someone else does.

    2.       Identify the crisis type
    Understanding the type and level of crisis can help you respond accordingly. There are two basic crisis types: forseeable or abrupt.

    • Forseeable: By identifying possible crisis scenarios, internal stakeholders are able to own the original messaging and prepare how they want to respond to the circumstances depending on the level of urgency. This helps relieve some of the pressure your team may face when a crisis occurs and provides direction on the expectations of your stakeholders. For example, your team may be expected respond immediately or prepare an official company statement through a press release, media alerts, or other announcement.
    • Abrupt: When an unexpected crisis occurs, the messaging originates from an external source. Examples include but are not limited to an inflammatory blog post or tweet, slanderous campaigns by word-of-mouth or online, the spreading of misinformation or anything else that attacks the brand or key stakeholders.

    3. Mobilization
    Once you’ve identified the crisis type, outline immediate and ongoing tactics in a logical timeline. Be sure to assign activities to positions/individuals and include time increments. Then, activate your crisis communication plan. Even more critical, your online response within the first 24 hours can make, or break, the success of your plan.

    Next, keep in mind that proactive outreach prior to a crisis can help you build loyal brand ambassadors. For example, third-party sources who are “defending” your brand and redirecting to the proper source on your website can be just as effective, if not more, than a corporate response.

    Now that you’ve got the basics on how to create an online crisis plan, your next step is to get that crisis plan in front of your boss. For more online crisis communication essentials, be sure to check out Arketi’s next blog post on what you’ll need in your social media toolbox.

    Mary Rose Macaranas is Account Coordinator at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go to Arketi Group blog site.

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