• Put Content Marketing in Context

    Content marketing is a “hot” topic for marketing folks right now. But do you really know what it means and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy?

    “Content marketing involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases with high-quality, relevant and valuable information to drive profitable consumer action.”

    Boring datasheets and white papers are history – at least until later in the buying process! It is absolutely necessary to publish content that interests and engages your audience, since it increases the time they spend with your content, creates anticipation for further communication, and builds a relationship of trust resulting in increased sales.

    When developing content, ask yourself these three questions:

    • Does it add value to the recipient?
    • Is it educational and communicates thought leadership?
    • Does the content help the recipient even if they are not purchasing from you?

    With the all the hype around content marketing, however, it is often forgotten that this is just one ingredient of a much larger strategy: Lead Nurturing. To maximize your content’s impact, it has to be delivered to the right person, at the right time, addressing a certain buyer’s emotion. This can only be done through the implementation of a lead management and nurturing program that maps content to the buying cycle, driving prospects towards a decision WHILE tracking the consumption of this content by each prospect. This introduces predictability and transparency, which results in increased sales focus, more and better-qualified leads, and increased lead conversion.

    To provide you with a better understanding of how content marketing fits into the lead management process, download this eBook, “Lead Nurturing: The Intergalactic Partnership.” In this engaging eBook, you will learn the causes of bad lead management, the resulting (negative) impact on organizations, and give you an overview of how lead nurturing, scoring and qualification works.

    Manuel Rietzsch is the Sr. B2B Marketing Strategist for MarketStar, the proven expert in designing measurable, high-performing marketing solutions for leading and emerging companies.

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