• Listen, Then Engage Your Customers on Twitter

    Listening can be easier to do on some channels than others. On Twitter specifically, there is a lot of noise. It’s all too easy for your client’s updates to get lost in the continual, and sometimes overwhelming, stream of tweets from all the accounts you follow.

    Being able to effectively listen and engage your customers takes a little extra effort and a few easy-to-use tools. Here are some tips and tricks we use to listen and engage our clients on Twitter.

    Step 1: Listen

    • Build a Twitter list to segment your Twitter feed and focus your listening on your customers. This allows you to easily monitor your clients’ updates without interference from less important tweets (such as what the local tech reporter had for lunch).
    • Sign up for Paper.li, a content curation service that lets you customize your own e-newsletter. Sync your client Twitter list with Paper.li, and your custom e-newsletter is published daily. Encourage your internal team to subscribe to receive a daily email with a summary of top activity.
    • Set up RSS feeds in Google Reader to monitor not only what your clients are tweeting but also what others are tweeting about your client. Subscribe to your client’s specific Twitter handle as well as the company name as a Twitter search term. Log in regularly to view your subscription updates.

    Now that you’ve listened, you’re ready to…

    Step 2: Engage

    • Shine the spotlight by tweeting client news. Did your client land an awesome media placement? Win an award? Present at a recent tradeshow? Share it with your followers. Use the client’s Twitter handle and any industry-specific hashtags when applicable.
    • Extend your client’s social media reach by retweeting client tweets. This will drive more traffic to your client’s content and increase the visibility of their Twitter account. The client will appreciate that you took the initiative to share their news with your followers.
    • As a value-add, try tweeting relevant industry news to your client. Because you’ve been monitoring their updates, you’ll know when you see news that will be of interest. This is a great way to impress clients with your knowledge of their industry.

    By following these tips, you will gain a better understanding of your clients and develop a more meaningful partnership.

    Are there any tools or tips that I missed? You bet there are! Please share your suggestions for listening and engaging customers on Twitter in the comments section below. Who knows… we might just tweet some of them from @arketi!

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