• Four Ways to Reach Your Audience with Video

    In some ways, video content is the lifeblood of social media, and a media staple once thought to be exclusive to marketing and advertising is now being capitalized on by PR teams.

    As social media becomes a more prominent public relations offering, PR professionals are quickly coming up to speed on the ins and outs of video production. David Murdico, creative director and managing partner at Supercool Creative, mentions in his article “10 Reasons PR Pros Should Use Video” that “video, rather than simply supplementing the efforts of PR teams, is often spearheading them”.

    Creating the perfect video to promote a new product release or event does not have to involve elaborate lighting, cameras or scripting. In fact, some of the most effective viral videos in recent years were filmed in real time with a Flip or cell phone camera. The trick is for PR professionals to understand the best ways to use video to tell a brand’s story and supplement your messaging.

    See the Press Release Come to Life

    While a standard press release can provide journalists with all the information they need about your story, it’s also more likely to get lost in the stack. Providing a video with your release, or using a video later in follow-up pitching, will make your message more engaging and likely to catch an editor’s attention.  Videos are also more likely to reach a wider range of media and related outlets. Broadcast programs and websites can get more mileage from running a video announcing your news than from the news release itself. Additionally, the self-generating nature of video in today’s social media world can help your video reach a wider audience quickly. If your video catches fire in the Twitter sphere, there are potentially millions of viewers waiting to learn about your story.

    See for Yourself

    As a consumer, how many times have you read a story detailing a great product and thought, “I wish I could see if it actually worked?”  When promoting a new product’s launch or the opening of a new venue, a video showing the item in action or the finished building can go a long way in building trust among your audience. Similarly, while a press release with a quote from a company executive still holds water among media and consumers, seeing and hearing that same executive speak in a video holds more authority. Videos are the first step toward giving your products and your people credibility.

    See how to Navigate Trouble

    In a crisis situation, the first reaction from media and customers is to eagerly await a statement from the affected company’s executive team. By preparing a video statement with an executive to address the situation, you have a quick and easy way to reach an even wider audience while taking some control on how the media will cover the crisis. Again, hearing an executive address the facts or make an apology is more effective at convincing your target audience that your company is legitimately concerned about the crisis and taking appropriate action. Sincerity comes across better on film that it does on paper.

    See Yourself There

    As a PR professional, chances are you’ve at some point attempted to convince a local television crew to attend your event, only to hear some variation of “our trucks are already committed to other events that day.” Although only those in attendance can get the full experience of the live event, a great video capturing the highlights is the next best thing. When your event takes place, film a few minutes of what’s taking place, upload the video and send it to the news stations that could not make it. This way, they can still cover the event as if they were there. Likewise, posting that same video on your website or Twitter feed will increase exposure for your event and your brand within the online audience and create a similar “it’s like I’m there” feeling.

    Much like your marketing and advertising counterparts, savvy PR professionals can use videos as that extra something to make a media pitch, event or new product stand out in a crowded marketplace. Find the best ways to let the masses see your story, and it will go a long way to generating your desired brand awareness.

    Jamie Cwalinski is an Account Coordinator at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go to Arketi Group blog site.

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