• Data Asset Managers Boost ROI

    Having the right data is an invaluable asset.  To maximize the return on your investment, you need a Data Asset Manager.

    Would you just invest your entire retirement in one stock?  Well maybe if it’s Apple; but in practice it exposes you to extreme risk.  When you are investing your valuable resources in the acquisition of data assets meant to support your sales and marketing program, how are you differentiating each data source?  Can any source be the total solution or do you need to follow the traditional investing wisdom “DIVERSIFY”?

    Statistical analysis of all campaigns contained in the Oceanos Knowledge Bank, an aggregate of all campaign results show there is no single database that will provide you with adequate diversification to mitigate your risk while providing you with exposure to the assets you need to speak to your audience.

    So how do I balance my portfolio and maximize my return?

    Marketers are overwhelmed with having to sort through a dizzying array of data providers all promising to be the best solution; they need guidance.  An independent data management firm who represents YOU and not the data providers can help.  At Oceanos, we’ve identified four characteristics you should look for in your data partner:

    • MAKE SURE YOUR DATA PARTNER WORKS FOR YOU.  Work closely with an independent data advisor not aligned to any particular data source.
    • QUANTIFY IT.  Use empirical statistical and technical analysis to identify trends and potential market trends.
    • DISCUSS THE METHODOLOGY.  Work with your data advisor to develop a strategy to identify and obtain the assets you want.  Determine the methodology used by the advisor in grading potential assets for inclusion in your portfolio.
    • DETERMINE FAIR MARKET VALUE.  It is no value to pay two times as much to get an asset that performs at a level equivalent to better valued assets.  Ensure that your data provider is able to establish fair market value for the assets you obtain to provide with your best chance to maximize your return.

    Download the Oceanos List Optimizer E Book at http://www.oceanosinc.com/ebook/ to learn about our proprietary software that will enable you to diversify your data investment.

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    Data Asset Managers Boost ROI, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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