• Customer Conferences + Video = Great Marketing Opportunity

    With most of 2011 in the rear-view mirror, now’s a great time to do a quick check-in to see how some of your marketing strategies are progressing.If you are like a lot of marketing professionals, you are using video. In fact, I just returned from customer user conferences hosted by two of our clients, and video shoots factored prominently in both.

    Still skeptical about using video in the IT space? Consider this. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, more online Americans are using video-sharing sites, and more frequently. As of May 2011, 71% of online adults reported watching videos on a video-sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

    As you know, user conferences are a great place for your customers to learn more about your products, meet members of your company, and provide valuable feedback on your products and services. On the flip side, though, user conferences are a great venue for gathering valuable content for your website and YouTube channel.

    To get the most out of your next user conference, consider these video tips:

    • User conferences provide an ideal setting for securing customer video testimonials because everyone is in one location, usually for a couple days. When you start recording, though, don’t limit yourself to just customers. Your executives – especially those out-of-town – will be onsite for the conference too, so it’s the perfect time to record thought leadership videos of them speaking on a topic of special interest to them.
    • Book ahead. Identify the top customers/company executives who plan to attend the conference and invite them a week or so ahead of time to shoot a video with you while at the event. That way, they can make time between sessions to meet with you, and you won’t have to scramble to find video participants when onsite.
    • Develop a standard list of questions. Not only does this ensure a consistent interview for everyone, but it also guarantees you create content that is compelling and addresses your audience’s needs. The absolute worst thing to do is to put your customer in front of the camera and start asking questions off the top of your head.
    • Having trouble getting customers to sign up for a video? Then consider an incentive. Even a small one, like a Starbucks card, will encourage people to participate.
    • When you start to produce the videos, be sure to add “supers.” This copy, which is superimposed over the video, helps reinforce the main points the speaker is making.
    • Once the videos are complete and ready for upload to YouTube, take a close look at your channel. If it isn’t branded with your company logo, colors, etc., take the time (it won’t take long, I promise!) to incorporate your company brand.
    • Finally, think beyond YouTube. Once you have some videos in the can, they can be great pieces of content for your automated marketing campaigns.

    Star VanderHaar is Account Director at Arketi Group, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business organizations generate revenue and accelerate growth through intelligent strategy, branding, marketing and public relations. To view all company blogs go to Arketi Group blog site.

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    Customer Conferences + Video = Great Marketing Opportunity, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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