• Becoming a Content Marketing Expert

    Back to the topic of content marketing! Today, I spent some time viewing and dissecting a couple of videos created by Coca-Cola [a major driver of marketing trends that influence B2B and IT marketing]. These videos provide a great overview of how Coca-Cola will evolve its marketing to change from “creative excellence to content excellence.” They are very well-produced and fun to watch, but the amount of information communicated is a little overwhelming. I am not sure why Coca-Cola decided to share these videos with the world — probably so people like I can blog about them. I highly recommend watching these videos but here are some great insights:

    • Become a Storyteller:  Develop and create stories about your company and products that content consumers can relate to. I will always prefer a story about real-live experiences over a bunch of summarizing bullets!
    • Provoke Conversations: Create content that people will talk about … enough said.
    • Converse: The Internet and social media have definitely changed the way buyers obtain information and talk about you, and many companies listen. However, listening by itself is not enough. Companies need to engage and converse, meaning to not just consume feedback but also provide feedback. By the way, conversing with your consumers will provide you with great fuel for your stories!
    • Explore New Ideas: Most marketers play it safe and only create “low-risk” content. Coca-Cola provided the 70/20/10 model when it comes to content development. This is a great model as it enables your marketers to explore new avenues, as well as new ways to tell stories and engage consumers. It provokes conversations, sets you apart and ensures you don’t get stuck in status quo.
      • 70 percent of your content should be made up of low-risk content (but only take 50 percent of your time)
      • 20 percent of your content should be innovation of the content that works (taking 25 percent of your time)
      • 10 percent of content should be high-risk content implementing brand new ideas (using another 25 percent of your time)
    • Liquid Content: Don’t lock it down too soon. Have it evolve over time but never replicate.
    • More Content: Since your customers have easier access to content, it gets consumed quicker. This means you need to produce more content to keep it fresh.

    This is a big shift for companies that takes time to implement and may even require an investment in resources. It is important, however, to start now so you are not left behind.  Here are the two videos. I’d love to hear your take on them. Enjoy!

    Manuel Rietzsch is the Sr. B2B Marketing Strategist for MarketStar, the proven expert in designing measurable, high-performing marketing solutions for leading and emerging companies.

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