• 6 Steps To Content Explosion

    After attending a conference, it usually takes some time to get through all of my notes, digest what I learned, and start to test out some new tactics. Eloqua Experience 2013 is no exception.

    I recently reviewed Jeffrey Yee’s tips for an effective lead score method (see: Lead Scoring For The Customer-Obsessed Marketer). But an effective lead score model is worthless if you don’t have content.

    During Kapost’s content marketing session, Anita Marsh, Director of Content Strategy at Concur, shared how her team went from creating a handful of content pieces last year to an explosion of content this year. What’s her secret? Focus on a set of core content (for example, a research report) and then explode your content into sub-content like infographics, slideshows and videos.

    By following these 6 steps, you too can create a content factory:

    1. Gather your team – product marketing are your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), marcom/corporate marketing should help polish, and marketing ops along with your sales teams can distribute on the web/social
    2. Generate content ideas – survey internal (sales, project managers) and external (customers, prospects) contacts to understand challenges your audience is facing
    3. Plan out your content – use a campaign calendar to schedule your core and sub-content pieces
    4. Set up a production machine – promote communication and visibility; establish an owner, timing and goals for each task
    5. Distribute your content – utilize web and social, marketing ops, sales and your customers
    6. Analyze to measure results – determine what is working and what is not; adjust accordingly

    With a content factory, your team will have a clearer snapshot of what content can and will be created. Anita’s team used these steps to more than double their core-content. What’s more impressive: while they only created three sub-content pieces in 2012, they exploded their core-content to 30 sub-content pieces in 2013!

    Get creative! What content do you already have that could be exploded?

    Monique Luttrell is the Director of Marketing for UBM Tech’s Business Technology Media Group, and is responsible for brand and product strategy, lead generation and managing strategic direct marketing and media partnerships. She is a regular contributor to CreateYourNextCustomer.com, an online resource for tech marketing best practices insights and advice – and now UBM Tech’s overarching marketing communications platform.

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