• InfoWeek Tech Marketer Roundtable Delivers Research Insights

    Marketers got a first glimpse of the new 2012 UBM TechWeb Tech Buyer Research at the InformationWeek sponsored roundtable and simulcast Lead Gen To Brand Gen: How To Change Your Game, held on April 3rd at the Rosewood Hotel at the heart of Silicon Valley and simulcasted live across North America. UBM TechWeb CMO Scott Vaughan and EVP of Sales Martha Schwartz led the discussions which covered customer buying preferences and how we, as marketers, should map to the customer purchase process to be successful.

    State of Marketing

    Scott kicked off the discussion by walking us through the state of marketing which has indicated that we need to be much more customer-centric and less campaign-centric, as marketing’s role expands to focus more directly on building the sales pipeline. We need to ask ourselves “what are the challenges our customers are facing? Rather than pushing our products.”

    Tech Buyers Research Findings

    UBM TechWeb’s Jonathan Vlock, Director of Client Strategy dived into some of the newly field research and shared some of his insights and experience he’s had with building lead nurture campaigns with companies like IBM. In order to build sustainable relationships with your customers you need to understand what tech customers are looking for and what’s working against us.

    Jonathan share from the study:

    • 80% of customers begin researching a technology solution at six months before they make a purchase. Takeaway: It’s a journey, not one sales call.
    • 50% of stakeholders get involved early stages but only 25% get involved in selection/approval processTakeaway: If you wait, it’s often too late. Engage early on.
    • 95% of tech buyers prefer to engage with tech vendors when they are defining their technical requirements and evaluating potential solutions. Takeaway: Get on your customer’s radar early and add value via content.

    In addition, the study say customers say these things are working AGAINST tech vendors:

    • Marketing needs to be more relevant because 79% of  customers say if vendor information is not useful they won’t bother engaging with the vendor
    • Content should be less than 12 months old since 69% of tech buyers don’t consider information over 12 months old valuable
    • Did you know that less than 27% of tech buyers think information tailored to their individual job title is important? This finding did surprise me and indicates we should not overly focus on job titles. Concentrate on solving the business problem and focusing on the customer needs.

    To see the full simulcast, the research and the best practices, you can go here:


    And, as always, feel free to share with us what is working for you.  Are you on the road to building sustainable relationships with your prospects?

    Angela Lee-Moll is the Marketing Director for UBM TechWeb’s InformationWeek Business Technology Network, where she leads the strategic market growth and brand positioning, InformationWeek Financial Services and InformationWeek Healthcare.  UBM TechWeb Marketing Services deliver integrated marketing campaigns and programs including media solutions, lead and demand generation, events, online communities, content development and custom solutions.

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