• The 5 Fundamentals of Lead Generation

    The Bruin’s are in the play-offs and I have hockey on the brain even more than usual. I’m actually in the middle of an email thread with my buddies about what we need to do to win the series against the Lighting (The Bruins…none of us even played in high school).We go back and forth with theories on playing a neutral zone trap, getting through the 1-3-1 defense, reshuffling the lines and then we of course end each email with a horrifying slur against the other people on the email (the traditional male symbol of affection).  My buddy sent out his last email saying 3 things. This is his quote, “It’s pretty simple; stop playing like school girls and stick with the fundamentals. Pass, skate, shoot and check……you’re all morons.”

    Aside from the moron part I agreed with my buddy and I thought about how the same applies for lead generation. Sometimes we get mired down with techniques and strategies that we read about in books leading us to completely overhaul our process. Sometimes all you have to do is stick with the fundamentals. Here is my quick check list of fundamentals that inside sales reps should look at every day to keep them on track for success.

    1) Let outside sales sell – This is something I see in senior inside sales reps all the time. They have been doing the job for a while and they start to “sell” rather than qualify and pass to sales. Even if you know the product, you aren’t helping the sales rep by giving out too much information. Get the prospect interested, qualify and set up the sales call.

    2) Pitch based on value – Play to the buying motivations of your prospect. People don’t buy for ease of use or appearance. They buy if something will help them save money, make money or mitigate risk. Talk about that and not about product features.

    3) Put in 90 activities per day – Make at least 70 dials and send 20 emails a day. If you aren’t doing that you are doing other things that aren’t as important. Side projects, list work and over researching prospects are 3 huge time killers. It’s not that they aren’t useful; they just aren’t as useful as making dials.

    4) Add new accounts every week – Depending on your patch, you should try to bring in a least a couple of new accounts per week. It’s very easy to get comfortable calling the same group of people you know over and over. Don’t sacrifice production for comfort.

    5) Embrace the “NO” – As I have said before, this job is like asking to see people’s under wear. An over whelming majority of people will say no, (and may call the police) but every now and again you’ll get someone to say “yes”. People that become afraid of “no” do not last long in this line of work. You’re going to get it a lot. Get used to it……or go into marketing!

    Chris Lang is Sales Director at AG Salesworks.  To view all company blogs go to AG Salesworks blog site.

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