• Putting Marketers on the Spot

    If I put you on the spot right now, what would you say is the most pressing challenge facing sales and marketing organizations today? In our eyes, it’s providing salespeople with easy-to-use tools that help them connect the dots between customers’ problems and the great things their company does to solve them.

    A lot of clients ask, “How do I make sure I’m creating the right content for my sales teams? They aren’t using what we put out there, and they aren’t giving us guidance on what they want.” We’ve found that any organization can answer this by following a few simple steps – a position we explore in our new e-book, 6 Steps to Giving Your Sales Teams the Content They Need (and Want). In it, you’ll find tips to help you:

    • Build content that is aligned with buyer needs and business outcomes
    • Identify the tools that sellers really need and will actually use
    • Create maps that match tools to selling interactions
    • Prioritize what to create based on impact and level of effort

    I urge you to check it out – and once you do, I’d love to hear how you think these steps can be applied in your own sales and marketing organizations.

    Jim Moliski is Senior Vice President of Strategic Services at Launch International.  With more than 17 years in the industry, Jim brings a perspective on Integrated Enablement Marketing™ few can match. A recognized expert in both content strategy and sales-enabling technology platform implementation, he has first-hand experience with the many challenges associated with enabling customer-facing organizations. To read all blogs published by Launch International click here.

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