• Why IT Marketers Outshine Peers in All Other B2B Industries

    In her blog, “Why Is IT Leading the Way in B2B Demand Generation Content Marketing?,” Lauren Goldstein correctly observes IT leads all other B2B industries in content marketing, citing statistics like 94% of IT marketers use content marketing strategies, 83%  deploy case studies (vs. 55% of all B2B marketers) and 69% use webinars and webcasts (vs. 42% industry average).

    Naturally, we agree with Ms. Goldstein, but for different reasons than she cites.  In her blog, Ms. Goldstein asks, “What do IT-sector marketers know that apparently half of us don’t?  The answer:  Nothing.”  She contends the drivers for IT marketers is exactly the same as the drivers for all B2B marketers:

    Complexity. It takes more education to understand B2B products and services and the impact their integration will make on the organization. Naturally, buyers are much more likely to purchase a product they understand. The education required is provided by relevant, engaging content delivered to the right people at the right buying stages over time.

    Long buying cycle. Speaking of time, it generally takes 18-24 months from approach to purchase for a significant IT spend to be made. While the B2B purchase timeframe in other industries will vary, we can usually count on months of outreach and nurturing before purchase.  While our targets are making comparisons and championing their favorites, our main conduit for staying top of mind is the timely delivery of relevant content.

    The committee. IT products and services often have a high price point, and their integration can affect all areas of an organization. But even less substantial and less expensive B2B products tend to require buy-in from multiple departments. In short, B2B purchases have always required a high burden of proof, in terms of ROI as well as performance.

    Her conclusion:  ”IT sector demand generation marketers are simply paying 20%+ more attention to the basic principles of B2B marketing than ‘other’ marketers.”

    Does this mean IT marketers are 20% smarter or work 20% harder?  Maybe.  But the main characteristics that differentiate IT marketers from those in automotive, construction, pharmaceutical and other B2B industries is how we manage the breadth, sophistication and unique sales channels of information technology products.

    IT products represent the engine of growth for all other industries with new innovations taking root every minute of every day and specialists bringing those products to market as only they know how.  IT marketers are adept at using the technologies we sell to drive revenue and best practices.  We are at the bleeding edge of marketing for the industries we target and serve.  Although social media, mobile computing and the recession have rocked industry marketing standards, the IT industry is first to adapt and grow.

    It is flattering to read blogs that verify the fact that IT marketers are at least 20% more adept at basic B2B marketing principles, but that characterization sells us short.  The content pages of IT Marketing World provides the evidence that IT marketing and B2B marketing are not synonymous.

    See Lauren Goldstein’s blog, “Lauren On Demand” and her source for content marketing adoption figures.

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