• White Paper: Technology Executive Event Preferences

    Executive events are a valuable marketing tool that can help you build relationships with new customers while deepening long-term relationships with existing ones. Best practices gained from years of experience can help determine the difference between a highly successful event and one that falls short of achieving its intended results.

    The Editor in Chief of events at UBM Tech, Brian Gillooly, shares a few valuable tips in this white paper that will help you drive results via high-impact customer conversations at executive events. He also shares new research that has further clarified just what it takes to achieve maximum results from event marketing activities.

    • Why do technology executives attend events?
    • What event formats do they prefer?
    • What content do they want at events?
    • What would prevent them from engaging with your company post-event?

    Based on more than 200 executive events that are produced each year at UBM Tech, our belief is that successful events are built around great conversations that foster long-lasting trust between technology decision makers and vendors.

    To download the white paper, click here.

    As the Editor In Chief of events at UBM Tech, Brian is responsible for developing a vision that provides both the audience and the client with clarity and insight into today’s most challenging business technology issues. Tap into UBM Tech’s event resources to build a world-class event program – Learn more about Custom Events at CreateYourNextCustomer.com

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