• Video: Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Innovation in IT

    Sir Ken Robinson is an author, speaker, educator and innovator, and he talks about how to unlock creativity and passion, arguing that those things exist everywhere but are often unrecognized and undercapitalized.  Watch this interview hosted by John Foley, Editor of InformationWeek.
    Sir Ken explores the threats to creativity–from standardized tests in schools to corporate cultures that don’t reward creative thinking. In his keynote address at the InformationWeek 500 conference in September, Sir Ken laid out three misconceptions about “creativity” that can keep employees from driving new and valuable ideas for their companies:
    First, there is a misconception is that only special people are creative, and most people aren’t capable of unique ideas.  Instead, companies should involve everyone in innovation, not leave it to the “creatives” or a specific innovation group.  Second, many misconceive that creativity is limited to areas such as the arts, design, or marketing, when in fact it can thrive in any area, and is every bit as prevalent in business disciplines.  Third, the last misconception is that people either are creative or they’re not, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Instead, Robinson argued that organizations can nurture people’s creative abilities–or stifle them.
    Watch the interview and read more about Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas on creativity and innovation in IT.

    Sir Ken Robinson is an author, speaker, educator and innovator.
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