• The Poetry Of Marketing – We Can Do Better

    At UBM Tech, we are bringing in different types of experts and marketing pros from inside and outside our industry to share insights with the 90+ marketers on our team.

    We are being awakened to things we can do better, big and small. This week our “Marketing Conversation” featured Romi Mahajan, current CMO of Metavana and Microsoft marketing veteran.  Romi thinks differently and we like that. He just published his first book called “Cool is for Fools”.  It is a collection of his blogs, observations and advice based on his corporate and agency experience working with hundreds of clients.

    The consistent theme Romi shared was the unrelenting need for authenticity in marketing today.  A self-proclaimed accidental marketer (love this phrase), Romi draws from his 20 years of experience and from vast fields such as sociology, anthropology, and well, anything to do with understanding people.

    Some big themes from our Marketing Conversation with Romi that had our team of 60+ marketers debating, discussing and re-thinking our approach and mindset:

    • Marketing has no common definition today; this is both an opportunity and a challenge to articulate and communicate your mission and role.
    • Reclaim our marketing profession; it starts with being authentic, honest and using much more clear, direct language and vocabulary (not corporate robot speak).
    • Treat your prospects and customers like the multi-faceted people they are. Once you’ve done that, you can tailor your message to your target audience and then think about the marketing channels you should use to reach them (many marketers reverse the order, inadvertently)
    • Stop calling your customers “users”; we are not using anybody, we are serving them.
    • Before you use/deploy/send to your prospect or customer, STOP and ask yourself:  “Would I want to receive this <insert your piece of communications>?”
    • As marketers, we need to know our numbers (as in their set metrics but also how to measure and utilize analytics) but we cannot lose the ability to creatively tell our unique story.  You MUST do both – use data and bring to life your company/product/brand.

    While we do much of this as a marketing team delivering thousands of marketing programs every month, we know can do better. These practices will empower us as marketers to reclaim our profession and deliver more value to the business and our customers.  We know our clients and audience customers will thank us for our effort. Thanks Romi.

    We are looking forward to our next marketing conversations and we will continue to share what we learn here on CreateYourNextCustomer.

    Scott Vaughan is the Chief Marketing Officer for UBM TechWeb, the global leader in technology media and business information. UBM TechWeb Marketing Services deliver integrated marketing campaigns and programs including media solutions, lead and demand generation, events, online communities, content development and custom solutions.

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    The Poetry Of Marketing – We Can Do Better, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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