• Social Media Marketing Stifled By Lack of Time & Resources

    IT B2B Marketers seeking to engage prospects and customers with social media are often hindered by a lack of time and resources, says a new study by Internet marketing and technology agency R2integrated (R2i).  When the agency surveyed 296 marketing professionals from across several leading industries about their use of social media marketing, they found that 42% of the respondents believed that lack of time and resources were the greatest obstacles to entry into social media marketing.

    The online survey, which was conducted in November 2010, also found that 45% of the respondents believed that time and resources would be their biggest combined challenge in 2011.  Further stifling social media marketing efforts is the finding that 56% of companies do not have a defined social media strategy, and 45% also said they have no immediate plans to hire a dedicated staff to manage social media marketing.  However, most respondents (62%) said they would allocate up to 20% of their 2011 marketing budget to social media activities.  Most plan to make websites (35%) and search (20%) their main marketing channels.

    So, how are companies using social media?  According to the survey, 31% use social media to publish content, 27% use it for lead generation and business development and 19% use social media to listen to conversations and monitor their brand performance.  When asked how they measure social media marketing effectiveness, 28% said they measure efforts through website traffic and inbound links while 18% measure through leads.

    Were companies able to make a conversion from the initial connection to a sale using social media?  The majority of marketing professionals surveyed responded no (39%) followed closely (36%) by those who said they were able to make a full conversion via social media.  The remaining respondents (25%) said they were getting close.

    The survey also sought to capture how marketers and their companies react to social media technologies.  A majority of respondents indicated that they were more likely to focus on well-established social media outlets, with 43% saying they use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook platforms the most.  Some marketers (15%) responded that they are skeptical of new social media technologies and are slow to adopt them.  The R2i survey seems to indicate that most of the marketer respondents will continue to focus on basic social media technologies in 2011 and do not plan to invest in technologies such as augmented reality, social buying, geo location or QR codes.


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    R2integrated: http://www.r2integrated.com/News-Room/ID/48/Lack-of-Time-Resources-Greatest-Hindrance-to-Social-Media-Marketing-Survey-Shows.aspx

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