• Are One Million Blogs Worth Archiving?

    One of the driving forces behind this blog is the fact that we know so little of the non-famous from history.Before printing was invented, only the fabulously rich or monks could record their lives.

    Even after printing we only have books about fighter pilots and politicians and war criminals. Only since century 21 have we really been able to record the story of the every man and I want to record mine.

    I mean what is the difference between Henry VIII and you except that he had access to easy resolution of marital disputes? What do we know about his servants’ lives or those who tilled his fields (ignoring snippets from Monty Python).

    When people claim to have had former lives, why are they always Napoleon or Cleopatra? It’s because they can draw on history for supporting facts. Only a few diaries exist to give us a glimpse into past ordinaries such as those of Samuel Pepys or Anne Franke.

    Today we may just have the opposite problem as WordPress claims that one million new blogs appear each day – which brings me back to my profession – data storage. Will all this stuff really be kept?  For how long?  Will anybody be able to find anything useful or interesting in it?

    This is the ultimate challenge for the two current buzzwords in IT:  Cloud and Big Data. Yeah, I realize that was three words. Big Data is about mining piles of stuff and finding nuggets so it will be fascinating to see what distills from all those unrelated posts.

    The final challenge is technology. How will we keep all these stories in a form that can be read 1,000 years from now but that is a conundrum for another time.

    Mike Sparkes is author of the blog Obscure Aussie and an IT storage expert based in Brisbane, Australia.

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