• Moving Beyond Lead Gen: Are Media Companies Ready?

    AMR International, one of the leading advisors to media executives and investors, just released its “Opportunities in Lead Generation” Report.   The primary audience for this report is investors and media companies.  However, we thought it offered a different view into the world of “Lead Generation” for B2B marketers – one you do not always get your hands on.  As you look to partner with lead generation firms, there is good advice for things ask your provider – just as an investors would – beyond “what’s your CPL?”

    A few findings that stood out for us taking the view of Tech Marketers and media pros are:

    • Lead gen comprises just 10% of the $30 billion in revenue generated by media companies – surprising how small it is based on what we see in B2B Tech
    • Most publishers are not very good at Lead Gen as this discipline has moved from interrupt-based marketing to engagement and opt-in marketing (most media companies rely on advertising)
    • First-generation solutions based on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and web-site automation are not sustainable as businesses
      • Search Engine marketing provides more leads, but also much lower quality and targeted
    • Sustainable Lead Gen media models focus on mirroring the user behavior deploying high-value Content Marketing and more holistic marketing automation and analytics tools, combined with above
    • Media companies with the right combination and depth of content, brand, technology and talent will be the companies to invest in and partner for lead gen services

    The Report touts UBM TechWeb’s, amongst other media company examples, for its innovative efforts and progression toward next generation lead management services.  Let us know your thoughts on the Lead Gen market and publisher experiences.

    Scott Vaughan is the Chief Marketing Officer for UBM TechWeb, the global leader in technology media and business information. UBM TechWeb Marketing Services deliver integrated marketing campaigns and programs including media solutions, lead and demand generation, events, online communities, content development and custom solutions.

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    Moving Beyond Lead Gen: Are Media Companies Ready?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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    1 Comment to “Moving Beyond Lead Gen: Are Media Companies Ready?”

    1. Kenny Madden Kenny Madden says:

      Excellent stuff. I just downbloaded the report ( registration free) :) :) :) Love it.

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