• Job Hunting? How and Where to Find IT Marketing Jobs

    If you are looking for job in IT marketing, here are a few quick tips and resources, several of which may be especially valuable to Millennials who do not have the historical or traditional insights on job hunting shared by seasoned industry veterans:
    • If you currently employed but looking to move, be patient as you conduct a subtle search for new opportunities.  This is no time to jeopardize your career or income.
    • If you are currently unemployed, approach your search as a full-time job.  Like a good salesperson, you will need 6-8 solid opportunities to land a new position.
    • Your best opportunities still come from referrals, so work your professional network thoroughly and, well, professionally.  Send personal, individual emails specifically asking for their help and then follow up with telephone calls.
    Note: I find the honest approach works best: “Dear [former colleague], Since we last spoke in 2011, I see you have taken a new role at EMC.  I have been working as a product marketing manager for Cisco, but was laid off in August as part of their restructuring.  I would appreciate your help with any job openings at your company or contacts at other firms that may be hiring.  Specifically, I am looking for [one sentence describing your search criteria].  My resume is attached.  I will call you next week to discuss the job market and look forward to catching up with you.”
    • If you are not working and don’t already have relationships with recruiters, I would skip this tactic and move to job sites.
    • Most job sites like Marketing Ladders and Monster.com primary pull job listings from company pages, so I recommend using only their free services.  There are two outstanding sites that have pulled ahead of the pack:
    1. LinkedIn/Jobs – The new de facto standard for job postings.  Check for new listings early and often to beat the competition.
    2. Sue Connelly’s KITlist — A down-home network of IT professionals sharing jobs.  Although most positions are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is also tremendous resource to learn which companies are hiring.
    • Create an excellent resume that you will customize for each opportunity.  Keep it concise but descriptive with a brief Summary of Qualifications and job history including responsibilities and major accomplishments.  Include all dates and explain large gaps.  Be cognizant of keywords that resume scanners will flag.  Avoid format or design gimmicks, jargon and unnecessary information like MS Office skills, references and hobbies.
    • When responding to a job opening, do your homework and go all out.  If the job is worth pursuing, it is worth a thoughtful & compelling cover letter directed to the hiring manager along with a resume customized to the job description.  Cookie-cutter resumes with a generic cover letter or no cover letter at all will eliminate you from consideration and robs you of an opportunity to convince the hiring manager of the benefits of hiring you.
    • Ditto for interview preparation, follow-up letters and thank yous to the person who referred you.  Manners matter and will make the difference between getting the interview, job offer and future referrals…or not.  Note to Millennials:  Yes, you must mail or hand-deliver a personal hand-written or typed note as a follow-up to any non-Millennial hiring manager — an email message makes you look lazy.
    Many of the tips may be Old School, but the maturing IT industry is still run primarily by Gen X and Gen Y workers who respond well to traditional methods.  If you have alternate ideas on where and how to find IT marketing jobs today, please reply!
    Jim Novy is the Founder of IT Marketing World, a community where the industry’s brightest minds share actionable best practices.
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