• IT Geeks vs. Marketing Guys

    You might be surprised to hear that such a battle is going on but I can assure you that there is a pitched fight over who is going to control the future of IT firms.

    I was first made aware of the conflict when the marketing director of a managed services firm, who hired us, was fired.  He had single handedly developed the company website, sales materials and grew the client base.

    Yet he was sacked just when the company was taking off by the management team that was comprised entirely of IT geeks.  The expertise of the marketing person was seen as expendable and therefore the question is raised as to witch discipline is more valuable in a computer business, marketing or tech skills?

    Nothing Happens Until Something is Sold

    I learned that phrase early on in the first marketing book I ever read in high school.  That mantra really made a deep impression on me when I meditated on it’s core truth and how elegantly simple that statement really was.

    The reality is that if it weren’t for sales people all the engineers, architects, lawyers, manufactures, IT people etc. would all be unemployed!  Therefore the answer to the question is fairly clear that marketing is more crucial than the actually technical knowledge.

    Most corporations especially the largest companies in the world don’t have a problem realizing they need spend a huge part of their money on marketing.  However the average computer consultant is proud to announce that they only grow by word of mouth instead of paying for IT lead generation.  This disdain for IT sales leads only means that they many computer business are cutting their noses off to spite their face and that they are putting their companies growth on the slow boat to china.

    You Can’t Have The Ying Without The Yang

    Of course I know the competition between the IT Geeks and Marketing guys is really a little ridiculous because if you don’t have the ability to deliver technical services then you obviously won’t have anything to sell.  I guess the question is more of a game of chicken to see who is going to blink first.

    I believe this battle is for the cavemen that haven’t evolved yet because the higher thinking process will lead to inter-dependance by bringing the marketing people together with the techies.  Why fight when the combination of both efforts will lead larger pie for every body involved.

    John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers. His experience ranges from writing articles, blogging, telemarketing, sales coaching and speaking at events.

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