• eBook: How “Visible Experts” Can Transform Your Tech Firm

    Most tech firms have knowledgeable professionals with domain expertise in areas that are of great value to the outside world – certainly to clients and prospects. However, not all of these experts are visible to the industry at large. There’s a significant difference between employing an expert and having high-visibility expertise on staff.

    Our new research shows that firms with “Visible Experts” enjoy substantial benefits across almost all metrics. We interviewed 130 recognized experts and 1,028 buyers of Visible ExpertSM services in an attempt to understand how these experts achieve their status and the advantages they bring to their firms. We found that the benefits were generally summarized into two primary categories: brand building and business development.

    How Visible Experts Impact Brand Building

    62% of our Visible Experts identified brand building as a way they substantially contributed to the success of their firm. Thanks to their increased visibility in the marketplace, having a Visible Expert on staff can improve your firm’s reputation and credibility. Simply being associated with a Visible Expert increases your firm’s brand awareness, which makes your brand more recognizable in the marketplace.  This is known as the Halo Effect.

    How Visible Experts Improve Business Development

    66% of the Visible Experts interviewed pointed to their ability to accelerate growth and business development for their firms as a key benefit. Their association with a firm impacted that firm’s ability to generate more leads and close more sales. Visible Experts also impact a firm’s billing rate: buyers reported being willing to spend up to 13X more for a firm that employed a high-level Visible Expert.

    The built-in platform of a Visible Expert creates a variety of lead generation methods. Content created by these industry stars is more likely to be viewed and respected, which helps to drive traffic to your firm’s website. Visible Experts are more likely to be asked to speak at events, whether they’re giving the keynote at a conference, hosting a webinar, appearing on podcast or giving an interview.

    How Can Your Firm Cultivate a Visible Expert?

    Here’s the good news: even those with little to no current visibility around their expertise can rise through the ranks and become a Visible Expert. All the industry stars you know and respect already had to start somewhere.

    One of the most interesting results of our research was a distinguishable pattern of how Visible Experts got to where they are today. Despite coming from significantly different backgrounds and industries, all of our experts followed a similar path to stardom. This means that your firm doesn’t need to go out and find an existing Visible Expert—you can work to cultivate the reputation and increase the visibility of one of your existing experts on staff.

    We found that most Visible Experts employ these seven essential building blocks in their journey:

    • Commit to becoming a Visible Expert
    • Develop of strategy for your personal brand
    • Build your visibility in a target market
    • Strengthen your expertise
    • Refine your communication skills
    • Become a teacher
    • Get the help you need

    For more information on how Visible Experts can transform your firm and how you can cultivate one of your own, download our free ebook.  Feeling impatient? Be sure to check out Chapter 6 to learn about how some Visible Experts are on the fast track and rise to the top 5X faster than others.

    Elizabeth Harr is a partner at Hinge, a marketing and branding firm for professional services. Elizabeth is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive with a background in strategic planning, brand building, and communications. She is the coauthor of The Visible Expert, Inside the Buyer’s Brain, How Buyers Buy: Technology Services Edition and Online Marketing for Professional Services: Technology Services Edition.

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