• Holger Schulze’s Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends for 2011

    Surprisingly, there is no mention of the red-hot mobile marketing trend in Holger Schulze’s Top 10 B2B marketing trends for 2011.  Predictably, the list is long on practical strategies and techniques for businesses emerging from a recession.   

    If you don’t know Holger Schulze, you have not been on LinkedIn lately.  Mr. Schultz is a passionate IT marketer with 500+ contacts, a blog called Everything Technology Marketing and a discussion group called B2B Technology Marketing Community with nearly 18,000 members.

    Mr. Schulze asked his constituents what they believe are the most important B2B marketing trends in 2011.  Here are the results:

    1. Social media and lead generation programs.  Most marketing professionals agreed that 2011 will see social media evolving from the experimental stage to a fully integrated component to be increasingly used with traditional marketing tactics such as email and webcasts.

    2. More focus on content marketing.  This is the year of content marketing, marketing professionals agreed.  This means more compelling content specifically mapped to buyers’ personas, journey and buying stages.

    3. Increased focus on new business generation and revenue.  Marketing will place greater focus on growth and new customer wins and will increasingly be asked to demonstrate its role in revenue generation.

    4. Lead quality.  Rather than focus on increasing quantities of leads, marketing professionals predicted that lead quality will become an important performance metric in 2011.

    5. Improved sales enablement.  The marketing community who responded to Schulze’s survey agreed that sales enablement, including providing sales with quality leads, compelling content, sales tools and education will become an important weapon for managing competition in 2011.

    6. More pull/inbound marketing tactics.  As a response to the continued power shift in which buyers are blocking out traditional interruption style marketing tactics, marketers will focus on creating magnetic content to draw buyers to available solutions and products.

    7. Emphasis on customer retention.  The recession has emphasized the value of customer retention, and many vulnerable markets will continue to focus on this critical aspect of sustaining revenue streams.

    8. More and better use of marketing intelligence.  Marketing professionals agree that the data produced from marketing automation, online marketing and customer relationship management can be used to gather insight and action and generate improved marketing intelligence in 2011.

    9. Marketing automation.  Most professionals agreed that 2011 will bring marketing automation into the mainstream as more companies move towards integrating social media with online campaigns, lead scoring and email automation.

    10. More branding and awareness.  Companies will focus more on branding and awareness, predict marketing professionals.  Many believe that companies will take the long view in 2011 and work towards developing branding and awareness, especially as budgets continue to slowly improve.

    Read Schulze’s full post here: http://everythingtechnologymarketing.blogspot.com/

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    1 Comment to “Holger Schulze’s Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends for 2011”

    1. Jim Novy Jim Novy says:

      Holger’s 2011 B2B marketing trends are spot-on. I am eager to see how the B2B social media component evolves.

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