• Best Practices to Drive Email Conversions

    In November last year I was tasked by Scott Vaughan, UBM TechWeb’s CMO, to share the strategy and tactics we use to drive email conversions of business and technology professionals based on the millions of email engagements and tens of thousands of unique pieces of content we utilize at UBM TechWeb.

    The paper, titled “Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversions” was published this week and is available for download here.

    The paper reveals the:

    • First law of online content consumption
    • Four key elements of an engaging email
    • One Metric that matters most

    I urge you to download the paper and apply the conversion system I candidly reveal in it.  You will see a boost in engagement if you follow the system.

    As a fellow marketer, I not only craft messaging and examine performance of UBM TechWeb emails, but I am always reading, researching, learning from colleagues, and attending events by those outside of the company as well.  Whereas I have found many blogs and whitepapers on email marketing (and many of them are extremely helpful to me), finding a blog or whitepaper that candidly laid out the specific steps to creating an engagement boosting email that would DRIVE conversion was hard to find.

    With “Email Content and Design: Best Practices To Drive Conversion” I have tried really hard to focus on the practical, and stayed away from words like “reach” and “relevance” since I know most of our marketers are advanced and are looking for truly valuable, next level knowledge and practicality. My aim is that marketers outside of UBM TechWeb also try this approach, and let me know if it works for you as well, just as it has worked so well for us.

    Will you please download the paper, and let me know what you think? I am looking for honest feedback, and how I can make my next paper even more relevant to your marketing needs.  Please leave a comment below, or email me at isuleman@techweb.com

    Imran Suleman manages performance based digital campaigns with effective messaging for UBM TechWeb’s clients.  Imran is responsible for selecting premium content for UBM TechWeb’s audience as well as digitally communicating, testing, and optimizing messaging for engagement.

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