• Content is King for B2B Marketers in LinkedIn Discussion

    A thread started by Holger Schulze on Linkedin asked the B2B Technology Marketing Community to name “one word that describes the biggest challenge facing B2B Marketing today.” Huge interest in this thread generated more than 1,000 posts, making it one of the most active discussion threads. Generating content was the number one challenge identified by respondents (we all know the feeling of starting a newsletter, blog or social media channel and then facing the blank screen each day/week/month challenged with creating great content).

    The next two most suggested words were ‘Relevance’ and ‘Trust’. In the information age, how do you ensure relevance, both to your target audience and in support of your brand/company messaging? Trust is increasingly difficult to establish, with opinions, good or bad, only a click away. Make a mistake these days and the Twittersphere soon knows about it, so being on top of customer service and delivering good quality products and services has never been more important. Other words highly referenced include ‘Engagement’, ‘Time’ and ‘Credibility’, perhaps demonstrating that B2B Marketers recognise the need to interact more with prospects to create that all-important trust and credibility, but are increasingly challenged by a growing workload.

    The huge response to this topic suggests that B2B Marketers are frustrated or overwhelmed with the myriad of communications channels, the ‘noise’ in the market and the need to keep on pumping out material just to feed the voracious growth in new media. It is interesting that ‘ROI’ came fourth in the rankings and ‘Focus’ sixth. Perhaps B2B Marketers are looking for guidance on where their focus needs to be? What is the best way to generate regular, relevant content that achieves measurable ROI? We have analysed the responses into the chart below so you can make up your own mind. Your thoughts are welcome.
    Johann Edward is Founder & CEO of EIMS. To view all company blogs go to EIMS’ blog site.

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    Content is King for B2B Marketers in LinkedIn Discussion, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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