• “Agile Marketing” Offers Pragmatic Best Practices from Real-Life Experiences

    Agile Marketing is a serious book that breaks down marketing to its most pragmatic.   While it focuses on the fast-growing marketing opportunities offered by the Internet, websites and data communication, it does so by looking at two fundamental concepts that are often discounted and can be leveraged in all areas of marketing:

    1. The most obvious solutions to marketing or technical problems, while often discounted, are often the best places to start from

    2. Being pragmatic and simply trying new things can offer large rewards.

    The book instructs readers about how to leverage new marketing methods borrowed from technology to give them an edge over traditional marketers. It describes the agile marketing methodology, from the planning and implementation perspectives, and is written in language that will be familiar to those with a software industry background, but without any technical jargon.

    Agile Marketing is targeted at marketing managers and small business owners who want to create and run successful marketing programs with agility and success. It is meant to help marketing organizations that have historically struggled to bridge the gap between internal teams, sales units and customers, to come to a more productive place and effectively reduce this void.

    Agile marketing brings people together cross functionally and the teachings in this book will allow those who adopt these methodologies to achieve greater success. This book takes an in-depth look at many of these techniques and provides real life examples of how it helps marketing organizations pragmatically and iteratively innovate to success.

    Agile Marketing readers will learn:

    • How to apply agile project management skills to the marketing process to get better program results.
    • The techniques that are currently implemented in the marketplace.
    • How to “template” marketing plans or adapt the templates provided to meet your needs.
    • The process needed to beat your competition and get the best visibility for your product.

    Agile Marketing is available from Amazon.com and other booksellers worldwide starting Nov. 16, 2011.  A summary is available here.

    Michelle Accardi is Vice President of ePlatform Marketing for CA Technologies. She has worked in a variety of positions in product marketing and support, quickly rising to manage Global Sales Support. She moved into a leading role in Field Marketing and helped to create account-based marketing programs for strategic accounts. Michelle is a member of the American Marketing Assocociation and the Data Application Management Association.

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    “Agile Marketing” Offers Pragmatic Best Practices from Real-Life Experiences, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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