• Three Keys to Training Channel Partners

    To establish long-term, profitable relationships and revenue streams, channel partners must be effective in communicating product knowledge to consumers. Quality training, then, becomes vital in ensuring channel partners, vendors and external customers are prepared to sell products and services in a way that reflects company goals and strategy. So what are companies doing to train channel partners and customers to be more effective?

    A recent Learning Executive Think Tank White Paper discusses how today’s top organizations are handling channel partner training.
    The paper reveals key findings on the following trends in training channel partners:
    • Channel partner certification.  There is an overwhelming consensus about the importance of channel partner training and certification. A structured, mandatory certification program has a significant impact on the bottom line and should include adequate incentives and milestones.  Ultimately, certification plays a strong role in increasing end customer satisfaction while improving results for the vendor and channel partner.
    • Measurement.  Companies should stay close to customers by measuring the value of training and certification.  This can be done through post-training surveys that provide insight into the program’s effectiveness and relevance, and determine the level of skill improvement. Surveys also provide insight into anticipating client needs, and even help improve products by determining their effectiveness and collecting feedback about ways to improve them.
    • Expanded Use of eLearning.  The report reveals a shift towards increased use of eLearning training and technology that is flexible and adaptive to users’ needs and wants. Companies lower cost and expand reach by using training platforms that are interactive.  This also provides a vehicle for users to leave immediate post-training feedback.

    Trends in channel partner training, as reflected in this report, reveal that companies are seeking to maximize training effectiveness, measure and quantify results and generally do more with less as they nurture long-term, profitable relationships with channel partners.

    Source: “3 Key Trends in Training Customers and Channel Partners,” Learning Executive Think Tank

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