• Tips for Reaching IT Buyers with Advertising

    A common mistake made by technology marketers is choosing ad networks that broadcast their message regardless of where the inventory may appear.

    For example: A rather well known anti-virus software company cannot be happy their ads are running alongside stories of an 8 year old boy getting killed.  As a person who works in technology every day and as the father of an 8 year old boy, I don’t care how low the CPM, it is just not worth the risk to me or my brand.

    Broadcast is one media buying placement approach used by many IT marketers today.

    IT technology buyers will not impulse buy a $5,000/$10,000 server, or all of a sudden decide to upgrade all of their anti-virus vendors because of a banner ad on ESPN or swap to a new solution because they saw a full page ad in The Economist without consulting and working with many folks in that particular company, peers etc.  They certainly will not buy from advertising and marketing that is not in line with helping them get their job done.

    Here are some tips for advertisers and marketers to avoid making the mistake above:

    • Set the strategy and ensure your media agency is placing your messaging in relevant, contextual spots and not just trying to prove massive discount efficiencies across irrelevant sites.   How many people go to ESPN or goldforex exchange  to research for a new software product/hardware?
    • Find the right network.  If you buy mass market ad inventory, ensure your media agency uses brand safety technologies so that your ads don’t appear next to questionable content.
    • Target social networks that are relevant to the IT buyer (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are way down on the list of platforms frequented by IT buyers).
    • Listen
    • Engage
    • Track results

    Kenny Madden works in market development at Austin based Spiceworks, the fastest growing IT social business network. By combining free IT management software with a Facebook-like community, Spiceworks helps over 1.6 million IT professionals to discover, buy and manage $260 billion worth of technology products and services each year.  Kenny can be reached at kenny@spiceworks.com.

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