• Part 6 of 8: Splashy Ads Take a Backseat to Targeted Messaging

    Bob James, former chairman and CEO at McCann Erickson Worldwide, believes the era of the over-the-top Super Bowl ad as the silver bullet is over. “I think there’s going to be a huge opportunity for a dialogue with customers through advertising,” he says. “Before, advertising was pretty much a one-way street – you sent the message out there and you hoped it worked.

    Mobile, social media and online advertising now allow you to reach more refined audiences and even communicate one-on-one. But James says you’ll need more targeted messages to reach each consumer with just the right content. In essence, there will be a shift to “conversational marketing,” which is built on heightened interactivity and personalization.

    Marketing professionals who can build and sustain one-to-one personalized dialogues across all media channels to drive revenue and marketing effectiveness will be sought among employers. According to Kristin Hambelton, Vice President of Marketing at Neolane, a marketing technology provider, this involves unifying inbound and outbound communication strategies and making the best, most relevant offers based on customer behavior and preferences.

    As advertising evolves to require more highly targeted messaging, James believes writers will become even more important, since they play a key role in connecting with consumers via social media platforms, mobile devices, direct mail, outdoor advertising, and more. The upshot? If writing isn’t your strong suit, taking some writing courses could improve your marketability. There are many options available online that you can pursue at your own pace, on your own time. To start, take a look at the online writing courses and seminars offered at mediabistro.com.

    Donna Farrugia is Executive Director at The Creative Group, a division of specialized staffing leader Robert Half International Inc., which specializes in placing highly skilled creative, advertising, marketing, web and public relations professionals with a variety of firms. Read the entire white paper, “The Creative Group of the Future.”

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    Part 6 of 8: Splashy Ads Take a Backseat to Targeted Messaging, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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