• Branding with Video Marketing: How to Use Case Studies to Shape Perception

    Video marketing works. It drives eyeballs to your website (by up to 20% more than sites without video); and those eyeballs are likely to be much more engaged that they would be if you were presenting them with text alone.

    Using video marketing to offer case studies of your firm’s performance and impact is particularly effective. Take a look at a great example here. The architecture firm Quinn Evans is doing more than showing a portfolio of work; they’re presenting a narrative that showcases their place in the community. The work illustrated in the short piece shows the transformation of tragedy into triumph, told through heartfelt customer testimonials and striking before-and-after visuals.

    IT service providers and other professional services firms have the benefit of offering more than products to their customers—they offer solutions. And with every need met, there is a story to be told. What better way to tell your story than through video? Engage your audience’s senses. Don’t just tell them what you can do. Show them what you have done—through visuals, sounds, and music… real life satisfied customers with perspectives that your prospects will surely relate to.

    Of course, video marketing is a bit more involved than blogging or a sending out a brochure. It’s important to go into a video project with a clear understanding of budget, production options, your timelines, and so forth. Here are a few things to watch for and work through:

    1)      Budget. While the cat videos that your new intern cranks out for pennies are entertaining, don’t be tempted to simply whip out your phone and make an ultra low budget video for your firm. A good reputation is half the battle to a successful brand and an amateurish video will make you look unprofessional. The trick is to spend enough to produce a quality project without completely depleting your marketing budget. Don’t worry; there are plenty of options between amateur and Hollywood blockbuster. Find a production partner that can help you manage your budget and get the most out of your investments.

    2)      Stay focused. Here’s the most important math to a successful video: one video = one goal. I like the metaphor of using a tool; your video is like a hammer or a wrench. You can’t saw through a 2X4 with a wrench, and you can’t sell an exciting new service with a recruiting video.

    3)      B-Roll! Most locations are filled with striking visuals: local flavor, work being carried out, people interacting. B-roll provides you with engaging images to cut to while you tell your story. It offers context to testimonials and gives your potential customers people and places to identify with. Reserve enough resources to collect plenty of B-roll as you shoot your primary subjects.

    4)      Double Hook. The beauty of video is that it appeals to multiple senses. It conveys information, but does so much more. Take another look at the Quinn Evans video above. It’s designed to engage more than your mind; it tugs at your heartstrings. Find the double hook of your narrative and your audience will respond.

    5)      Expect the Unexpected. Even seasoned video production professionals can’t account for every last pre- or post-production glitch. You’re dealing with lighting, video, editing, planning, scripting, music, interviews, and more—it’s a lot to manage. Budget a few extra hours and dollars into every step of the project. It will minimize stress—and nothing beats coming in under budget with an amazing project to show for it.

    Producing a case study video powerfully conveys what your firm is capable of. Even better, it can drive eyes to your website that would otherwise never find you. Not only will your reputation increase, it will be more visible. Managing these two aspects of brand perception will bolster your online marketing efforts. Get a production team that can manage the above challenges and your video marketing efforts will pay off.

    Dane Frederiksen owns Digital Accomplice, a Bay Area digital media company focused on creating video content for the tech and marketing industries.

    Dane has been has been creating content for over 20 years and has worked with clients across the world, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, USATODAY, Google, Adobe, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, Activision and many more around the globe. His work has won several national awards.

    A big idea entrepreneur with connections across the games/tech/geek media and marketing communities, Dane is helping businesses successfully tell their stories with video.

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