• B2B IT Ads Deliver Long Term Benefits

    As industry experts continue to debate the virtues of investing in advertising during market downturns, there remains another lingering question: what is the long-term value of advertising? Or more to the point, what are the most effective ways to generate long term value with your advertising dollars, both in the best and worst of times?

    According to a white paper published by DemandROMI, a consulting firm that offers training and strategic services designed to accelerate revenue growth through marketing, effective long term advertising can be said to show  results anywhere from six months to several year. The long term value of advertising is “the residual marketing impact that makes any future advertising more effective. That is, any advertising this year delivers value in the following years.”

    The ability to generate long term value for your advertising dollars—in short, getting more bang for your marketing buck—is not only desirable in today’s climate, it can help sustain your brand through good and bad times.

    The DemandROMI report lays out four basic components that support long term advertising effectiveness: 

    • Brand equity: This is the intrinsic position of a brand in the marketplace, often provoking an emotional consumer response. For example, if one brand has developed a reputation as the leading ‘green’ brand of its kind, it can be very difficult for other brands to unseat or replace the brand as the market leader in this category.
    • Customer equity: Defined as all customers who have tried the brand in the past. Assuming no major problems with customer satisfaction in the past, customer equity requires less advertising to induce organizations to use the brand because they already have experience with it, and may have even developed a preference for it.
    • Customer preferences: Preferences often remain stable over time, but they can be actively shaped through advertising. Marketing efforts may emphasize specific attributes of a brand—security or innovation, for example—that can help change customer preferences over time.
    • Creative concepts: Great ad campaigns not only capture attention, they can deliver positive value to your brand for years to come.

    How can you use these concepts to generate long term advertising for your dollars? A perfect example of the latter two concepts—customer preferences and creative concepts—can be seen at work in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s “Green Dot” campaign, a global branding effort designed to shape buyers’ attitudes and communicate the company’s leadership position in the professional services market with confidence. The ad campaign is helping establish a visual iconography for the brand that can add value for years, while combining creative concepts such as a design contest that adds immediate value to the brand.

    Another innovative ad campaign is Juniper Network’s “New Network is Here” campaign, which has helped change the way buyers perceive the Juniper’s Junos network operating system. Instead of avoiding comparisons with market leaders like Cisco Systems, this award-winning ad campaign took risks by actively comparing its fledging brand to the competition, making use of well-placed teaser ads, and even enjoying a well-publicized foray into installation art by setting up a transparent cube in lower Manhattan filled with old computer parts and wiring. All of these creative marketing efforts helped create buzz, but more importantly, they are helping establish a strong brand with long term value.

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